KRÖNER-STÄRKE Presents Vital Ingredients For The Food Sector.

Wheat and starch specialist KRÖNER-STÄRKE will be showcasing their full range of natural ingredients for the food industry at the FIE exhibition in Paris this coming December, including the company’s newest offerings, Vital Spelt Gluten and Spelt Starches.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s Vital Spelt Gluten and spelt starches are clean label products, produced from 100% spelt flour – without the use of microbicides – contain no additives, are GMO free and meet the highest quality standards, ideal for breads, bread rolls, pastries and baking mixes.

In addition to that, the German ingredients supplier has developed a wide range of clean label ingredients, which are introduced at the exhibition as well.

To meet the growing demand from different sectors, KRÖNER-STÄRKE will be launching their new product Seed Adhesive, a clean label ingredient for improving the adhesion of seeds and cereals on baked products. This product will support bread producers to deliver perfect looking commodities while reducing the amount of waste in regard to production process and supply chain.

For the vegan market, KRÖNER-STÄRKE is promoting MAYOFIX VEGAN, a creamy emulsified sauce, similar to mayonnaise, but ideal for vegan salad creams, dressings and dips – or as a spread. Optionally, this product will be available in organic as well.

Also included on the menu for food manufacturers attending FIE are KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s Instant Flakes for a wide range of end-use applications. Excellent cold-swelling properties and water-binding capacities make for the perfect breakfast-porridge/cereals to support a healthier lifestyle.

From their established portfolio KRÖNER-STÄRKE will present their well-approved gluten free wheat starches SANOSTAR and SANOGEL as well as their wide range of various pregelatinized flours and starches.

In addition, KRÖNER-STÄRKE offers an extensive selection of organic wheat products (starches and gluten) that are conform to the Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture directives, focusing on transparency and credibility along the entire value chain.

FIE-visitors can experience KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s high-quality clean label ingredients on stand 6F21, which the company will be sharing with Soya Austria and Böcker. If you cannot make it to the FIE but would like further information on the company’s products, please contact Henrik de Vries on +49 (0) 54 51 94 47 0 or visit

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