Let’s Celebrate… Champagne.

With National Champagne Day on the horizon, Friday 18th October, there’s no better moment to celebrate a wine that is globally recognised as a symbol of tradition, elegance and sophistication.

Nicholas Jones, Wine Expert at exclusive wine and Champagne club, Winebuyers.com says:

“Champagne is luxury and indulgence. It’s associated with celebration which everyone loves and it’s extravagant and dynamic. As the price has risen in recent years, growers are keen to make their own wine rather than sell to houses so we are seeing more regionalism in places like the Aube. Improvements in viticulture country-wide has led to a reduction in sugar levels and a rise in the quality of the final wine.”

While Champagne is a sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is Champagne. To acquire the prestigious ‘Champagne’ label, the sparkling wine must be made in Champagne, France, using Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes, and follow a traditional winemaking technique that requires that the liquid is fermented in the bottle as opposed to in tanks. With Winebuyers.com hosting a wide variety of Champagnes, why not celebrate this prestigious tipple with a bottle this October?

Nicholas adds:

“Champagne varies from the very dry to the sweet, so it’s best to choose yours based on what appeals to your taste buds. The term ‘brut’ on Champagne labels means the wine contains less than 15 grams of sugar per litre. Other common terms include ‘extra brut’, which is slightly drier, or ‘brut zero’ which is the driest. Alternatively, ‘extra dry’ is between sweet and dry, and ‘sec’ or ‘demi-sec’ is sweet and semi-sweet respectively.

“When it comes to determining the quality of Champagne, people often look to the beading of the Champagne, or size of the bubbles. You really want it to be like the bubbles in whipped cream rather than in an Aero chocolate. Look for the wine to balance its acidity with richness, fruit and dough flavours rather than sweetness.”

To help you choose, Winebuyers have selected three exceptional bottles that will satisfy your taste buds this National Champagne Day.

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