Meringue Company Takes To The Skies With Virgin Atlantic.

An award-winning meringue company is clocking up air miles on hundreds of Virgin Atlantic flights taking off each day around the world.

Flower & White is supplying Virgin Atlantic’s international flights via in-flight concessionaire 3Sixty Duty Free, meaning its tasty treats will be enjoyed by thousands of passengers above the clouds.

The company’s Raspberry Meringue Bar now forms part of Virgin Atlantic’s inflight Gastro Movie Box.

Customers will notice the groundbreaking 100% paper recyclable, plastic-free packaging of the meringue bar, which was well ahead of the game.

The company was started up and run by husband-and-wife team Brian and Leanne Crowther from its 13,000 sq ft premises in the heart of Shropshire.

Starting in a garden shed where they would separate eggs by hand, Flower & White now uses 200,000 eggs a week and have the capacity to produce one million meringues each day.

“Being with a hugely popular airline such as Virgin is a brilliant step for us and it’s great for us to know that passengers on all Virgin Atlantic flights are being able to taste our products,”

said Brian.

“People will be able to taste how good our meringue bar while on their trip and our hope is that they return home and see what else we have to offer.”

Aside from the Raspberry Meringue Bar the company has a full range of bite-sized Swiss-baked meringue covered in Callebaut Belgian chocolate and textured toppings.

Handcrafted using British free-range eggs as well as natural flavours and colours, the indulgent snacks are gluten-free, low-fat and suitable for vegetarians – plus they’re under 100 calories per portion.

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