New Year new me-at: introducing Peperami’s new Chorizo sticks

The New Year calls for new me-at! Introducing your new favourite meaty snack – Peperami Chorizo 5 Pack. The nation’s number one meat snacking brand has created the ultimate flavour experience for adults looking for a more sophisticated snack choice to fuel their appetites.

As the savoury snack sphere is booming, the innovators at Peperami have developed the brand-new, premium Chorizo 5 pack in line with growing trends, with a delectable mix of spices and punchy paprika flavour to ramp up the taste sensation.

The mouth-watering Chorizo sticks are brimming with flavour – shaking up your lunchtime or afternoon snack break and adding a bit of spice to your life!

With just 99 calories per portion and made with 100% pork, the new Chorizo variety is the essential snack to pack for those looking for a healthier option to kick-start the new year.

Delivering that all-important protein kick for those on the hunt for a lunchtime or mid-afternoon snack, these succulent sticks will provide a much-needed energy boost to see you through the day.

The Chorizo 5 packs are ideal for those who want to stock up on the products at home for those necessary snacking moments throughout the week.

And if the 5 packs were not enough, the meatheads at Peperami are also developing Chorizo single sticks, offering a quick and convenient snack to pack in a lunchbox for on-the-go snacking.

The Chorizo 5 Pack (RRP: £2.30) will be available in Tesco from 10th January and will roll out into other retailers at a later stage. The Chorizo Single Sticks will also be launching at a later date

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