Petelinka And Pava-Pava Win Product Of The Year Awards.

Cherkizovo Group’s products have once again been awarded the annual Product of the Year title. This year, the Petelinka and Pava-Pava brands have topped three categories at the same time.

Cherkizovo Group received three awards at the 21st Product of the Year 2019 Official Ceremony held in Moscow on November 20. The Petelinka brand became the winner in the Poultry Cutlets and Eco-friendly Meat product in the Chicken Meat category. The Pava-Pava brand was recognised as the best Healthy Food product in the Turkey Meat category.

Petelinka is Russia’s best known and most popular chilled poultry brand. The brand has also become the market leader in St Petersburg since mid-2018. The brand’s offering includes over 40 natural and healthy ready-to-cook products that are made from 100% chicken fillet and natural spices.

The Pava-Pava brand is produced by Tambov Turkey, an equal-stake joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes (Spain). To make Pava-Pava products, we use a special extra lean turkey breed.

This is not the first time Petelinka and Pava-Pava brands become the Products of the Year. Last year, Petelinka picked up another win in the Chicken Meat category, and Pava-Pava was No. 1 in the Eco-friendly Meat nomination.

Foodstuffs and FMCG products compete for the National Trade Association’s Product of the Year Award across more than 50 categories. Those are selected from amongst the top sellers in retail stores. A win in any category is a testament to the bulletproof marketing and promotion strategy, and hence, the product’s well-deserved success.

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