RABDF Leaflet Sets Record Straight On Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Dairy Sector.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) is pushing back claims the dairy industry is a major source of greenhouse gases (GHG) by producing a leaflet highlighting key emission statistics.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Truth Behind the Dairy Sector’s Carbon Footprint aims to set the record straight on GHG by providing facts and figures on emissions in dairy farming and production both in the UK and on a global scale.

The leaflet is aimed at the general public and media, as well as the dairy industry, so readers are accurately informed of the impact the dairy sector has on the environment.

Matthew Knight, RABDF Chief Executive, believes much of the information currently being reported in the media overstates the impact of dairy cattle on the environment.

He said:

“Livestock farming, particularly cattle production, has been facing increasing amounts of pressure for the perceived impact that cows have on the environment.

“The reality is dairy production accounts for only 3% of total GHG emissions. While there is always room for improvement when it comes to farming’s environmental footprint, so much of the criticism levelled at dairy farmers and the sector has been incredibly unfair.”

Not only can statistics around carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions be incredibly complicated, but much of the information currently being reported in the media overstates the impact of dairy cattle on the environment, Mr Knight added.

The leaflet includes information on what makes up GHG emissions in the dairy sector; comparisons with other sectors and activities; as well as information on how emissions are being reduced in the sector.

The leaflet can be downloaded at rabdf.co.uk/emissions


RABDF is the sole UK charity focused on the unique needs of milk producers. They are the only national dairy membership association with the freedom and capacity to lobby and are the only dairy organisation holding a Royal Warrant, with the influence and access to funding that brings.

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