Reducing Food Waste Is The Climate Action You Can Do Three Times A Day.

– Reducing food waste is one of the most effective actions you can take to address climate change – it’s simple, it’s free and makes a real difference
– The EPA are challenging everyone to reduce food waste to combat climate change

Do you stop to think when you scrape half-full plates into the bin; or throw away food that was lurking at the back of the fridge? Not only are we wasting food, but also the resources used to produce, transport and supply it. All of this waste causes unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and scientists estimate that food waste produces up to 10% of all global carbon emissions. In terms of addressing climate change, reducing food waste is an action that everyone can do.

You might be surprised to learn that reducing food waste is one of the most important day-to-day actions we can take to tackle climate change and it won’t cost you anything. In Ireland over 200,000 tonnes of food waste is wasted at home, and this waste has a greater impact on the environment given the energy consumed in processing, transport, packaging and preparation. To help you to reduce your food waste the EPA have some great tips and advice on

Mary Frances Rochford, EPA Programme Manager said:

“We talk about climate change and the need for action, but often it is hard to know where to start. Reducing food waste is an immediate and effective way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. If every household in Ireland takes steps to reduce their food waste, this would be a great achievement towards reducing our national footprint. We as a nation are best when we work together to tackle issues and collectively, our individual actions will make a real difference.”

More than one quarter of all food produced is wasted worldwide. In Ireland, we generate more than one million tonnes of food waste every year which represents a carbon footprint as high as 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. The EPA has three simple steps that individuals and families can take to get started in your food waste battle:

Make a shopping list, and stick to it
Make the most of the food you buy; don’t forget the leftovers
When plans change, freeze your food and use it another time

We are encouraging everyone to join us in our Stop Food Waste pledge to go a week without wasting food. Visit to find out how you can get started now on reducing your food waste.

Ms Rochford added:

“As part of the Climate Action Plan, Ireland has committed to halving food waste by 2030. We will do this by working with food producers; retailers and restaurants; but we also need every person in Ireland to take their own action. So make the pledge, get involved and begin to reduce the food you waste.”

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