Refix: The Galician ‘Potion’ Based On Sea Water That Will End Your Hangovers.

Imagine arriving home after a long night of partying, opening the fridge, reaching for a miraculous concoction, hitting a few drinks, pouncing on the bed and getting up the next day as if you had returned when you finished the first one. Well, the potion exists and is made in Spain , specifically, Galician, and responds to the name of Refix .

To get this surprising combination able to alleviate the hangover “you just have to mix a little bit of sea water (20% is the ideal concentration), with 80% of spring water (from the Os Acibros Spring, in Lugo, to be exact) “, reveals FCINCO Raúl Anta, biologist and manager of a breakthrough drink whose taste is very similar to that of Aquarius.

“To make it look like this isotonic we put a few drops of natural lemon and a drop of stevia, which translates into a refreshing drink with more than 80 minerals and only 3.5 calories, ” adds the boss of this groundbreaking project.

However, what makes Refix really interesting is not its taste, but its ability to stop the symptomatology of a drunkenness . Of course, if it is swallowed before it is too late: “There is not a drink like ours in the market, our product helps to prevent hangover better than to cure it when you already have it”. And it is that, like any antidote, so that it can save you must be taken in time and form.

And how can such a simple solution achieve such a powerful result? Anta explains: “When one ingests large amounts of alcohol, most of the alcohol is eliminated through the lungs (this is one of the reasons why Breathalyzer tests are performed by blowing.) At the same time, alcohol, being diuretic, forces the drinkers to urinate without stopping during all the time they are drinking.In this urine are lost, mainly water and mineral salts in large quantities, which triggers headache, body pain and nausea. Hence, by compensating for that loss, the discomfort is minimized.

For this anti-hangover solution to be truly effective, they recommend “taking a minimum of 2 bottles before going to sleep.” In this way, apart from replenishing the water, the same mineral salts that have been lost and in the same concentration as It is not miraculous, it is not taking Refix and feeling as if you have not left, what you can do is significantly improve the general malaise and the headache. “

Although they still do not have statistics on their effectiveness , they tell FCINCO, that “in reference to alcohol, it is proven that Refix manages to eliminate headache and nausea.” This would be confirmed by “a scientific report based on more than 119 solid scientific references” prepared jointly with the University of La Coruña. In it would be collected, moreover, that if instead of drinking after having a few drinks is taken right after sports, you can ” automatically eliminate thirst “.

Several professional soccer players use it

Because the benefits of Refix are not limited to fighting the symptoms of the hangover. According to Anta, “it is the best drink for an athlete to recover mineral salts after sweating, since it automatically eliminates all the sensation of thirst”. Maybe that’s why some players of the highest level such as “Álvaro Morata and Roque Mesa use it to recover from training”.

Whether for its ability to alleviate the hangover, for the help it offers in sports recovery or because, according to their analysis, also works as an excellent “saline, ideal to rehydrate the salts lost during a gastroenteritis “, the truth is that Refix is already triumphing in half the world. Its price, 11,40 euros the pack of 6 bottles of 25 cl., Also seems to be helping in its fast international expansion .

During their first year of life they have managed to sell 50,000 units in Spain and 43,000 in the United States . Their success on the other side of the pond is such that, for the next year, they plan to send 86,000 bottles a month to the United States. In addition to these two countries are also present in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and India and, in a matter of months they will be in China . The world seems to surrender to the Galician anti-hangover potion.

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