Shoppers Seek Out Alcohol Free Drinks This Christmas.

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December is often considered the most indulgent month of the year, but Waitrose & Partners reports that a growing numbers of shoppers will seek out lower alcohol or alcohol free tipples this Christmas thanks to the nation’s interest in following a more mindful lifestyle.

Brits are more likely to opt for no or low alcoholic drink during the festive season as Waitrose & Partners reports that sales of low alcohol wines are up by 31% in 2018* and sales of no and low alcohol beer and cider have grown by 38% in 2018*.

The supermarket also reports that sales of distilled non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip Grove 42 are performing well since its exclusive launch to Waitrose & Partners in September.

Whether it be a G&T, glass of wine or bottle of beer, consumers are seeking sophisticated low or no alcohol alternatives that match up to alcoholic drinks in terms of their complexity and flavour, but allow them to approach social occasions and drinking at home more mindfully.

Recent research* from the Waitrose & Partners Food & Drink Report found that 47% of us avoid alcohol during the week, rising to 55% among 18-24 year olds, but we’re keeping our fluids up as 65% of shoppers say staying hydrated is more important than ever before.

Pierpaolo Petrassi, Head of Beers, Wines and Spirits at Waitrose comments, “We have seen a strong increase in demand for quality no or low alcohol drinks over the last year and are excited to offer our customers an innovative and wide range of choices. Our shoppers have been delighted with the exclusive introduction of Seedlip Grove to our aisles recently – we love it with tonic and a twist of red grapefruit, great for anyone who fancy something lighter this Christmas.”

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