Snacking From Home? Be Healthy And Happy With New Award-Winning Cheese And Seed Bar.

It’s easy to reach for snacks when you are working from home. The UK’s leading speciality cheese company, Norseland, has launched a new cheese-bar snack with seeds, Amazin Grazin, in three flavours, which is the perfect snacking from home solution. It’s for the health conscious as it’s high in protein and low in sugar, but it’s still satisfying and tasty.

But a unique benefit of this product is that all three flavours of the award-winning** Amazin Grazin contain both sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which are superfoods: phenomenally high in nutrients and vitamins and great for physical health, but also extremely effective as natural mood enhancers: these seeds can help make you happy.

Specifically, the seeds are high in magnesium and the amino acid tryptophan, both natural relaxants and anti-depressants; and also in another amino acid, glutamate, which helps create an anti-stress neurochemical that reduces anxiety.

Recent research has shown there is low magnesium content in modern food, and intakes of magnesium by teenagers and adults are lower than recommended in the UK, at a time when those suffering from feelings of anxiety and depression are all too common. (National Diet and Nutrition Survey).

Amazin Grazin, was launched in January in 290 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, and was inspired by recent research that shows that people are ditching the traditional three daily meals and choosing instead to graze throughout the day.

Millennials***, in particular, have got used to snacking as a way of eating and they are looking for health-conscious snacks to satisfy their hunger, and excite their increasingly sophisticated taste buds.

With people now reducing their sugar and meat intake, savoury snacks, in particular, are growing in popularity. Last year, supermarkets sold 12.3 million extra kilos of bagged snacks****.

The Amazin Grazin bars come in three exciting flavours, all containing the super-healthy sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and with bold and colourful branding:

Smokey chipotle (spicy): mild cheddar cheese blended with smoky chipotle flakes, sweet chilli jam, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds;
Sticky date and honey (sweet) : mild cheddar cheese blended with orange blossom honey, sticky chopped dates, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds;
Berry and cherry (fruit): mild cheddar cheese blended with blueberries, cranberries, cherries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

“Consumers want easy snacking options, but they are really demanding a high taste factor, and low sugar content” says Dominique Delacour, head of marketing and new product development at Norseland.

“We think the launch of this new tasty snack, which is made from 100% natural ingredients, will be particularly popular with millennials, and generation Z*****, whose mantra for life is to be adventurous and try new things, while keeping a check on their health. They also contain seeds that have huge physical health benefits and are a natural source of happiness.

“Amazin Grazin is also a snack made completely in Britain, meaning fewer air miles, and we have kept the packaging to a minimum, as we are environmentally conscious, and know that our customers are too.

Amazin Grazin contains 100% natural ingredients: it is made from mild cheddar cheese, contains no artificial ingredients, and is a good source of protein.

It is set to shake up the cheese, and the snacking, markets in the UK, as there is currently no other similar product in major supermarkets.

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