Veganuary 2019: New Product Launches.

With an additional 50,000 people expected to try Veganuary for the first time this January, we review new plant-based product launches from UK retailers so far.

Veganuary: Encouraging A Plant-Based January
Veganuary is a charity which encourages people to try veganism for January.

According to the charity, to date over 250,000 people from 193 countries have taken the month-long pledge to go vegan. By the end of January 2019, this number is expected to rise to 300,000.

Sainsbury’s: Expanding The Vegan Range
Sainsbury’s has launched 25 new vegan products ahead of Veganuary, both branded and private label.

The retailer has added several products to its ‘Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg!’ private label range, these include Shroomballs with Jackfruit and Shroompups Vegan cocktail sausages which launched in-stores on 31st December. Meat-free branded products gaining shelf space include Upton’s Naturals Seitan Bacon and Sophie’s Kitchen frozen smoked salmon.

Range additions also include a number of frozen products which launched in 75 stores nationwide on 2nd January and will be available to online shoppers from 21st January.

In December, Sainsbury’s hosted a plant-based supper club to promote the range additions.

M&S: Focus On Making Vegan Food More Exciting
M&S has launched its first range of vegan food, ‘Plant Kitchen’. The 60-product range includes plant-based meals, snacks and ingredients.

The new line is designed to make plant-based food more exciting, with products including ‘dirty’ vegan comfort food like Cauliflower Popcorn and Cashew macaroni.

The range also includes healthier dishes such as Mexican Supergrains and Green Thai Curry & Jasmine rice, broadening its appeal for shoppers.

The launch has been supported by the new M&S Plant Kitchen online hub, showcasing new products and suggesting new recipes.

Aldi: Providing Affordable Plant-Based Solutions
On 2nd January, Aldi launched a range of new vegan products across its UK store estate. Additions include chilled ready meals, meals tailored to lunchtime missions, sweet snacks and cupboard staples.

The new range includes both private label products, such as its Rainbow vegetable stew, priced at £2.19 or Paleo Wholefood Bars which cost £1.99 for a pack of five. The lower price point will make Aldi a popular choice with plant-based shoppers on a budget this January.

Aldi shoppers will also benefit from branded plant-based favourites from brands such as Hellman’s and Soulful.

Greggs: Plant-Based Alternative For Its Hero Product
Food-to-go outlet famous for its sausage rolls, Greggs, is set to launch a vegan alternative in 950 of its stores on 3rd January.

The product will be made with vegetable oil and contain a ‘bespoke Quorn filling’.

The launch has been heavily promoted on social media through the Greggs official video and the hashtag #vegansausageroll.

Crussh: 100% Plant-Based Store
Food-to-go specialist, Crussh is set to turn its Soho store 100% plant-based for the whole month of January. The plant-based store will offer over 70 vegan recipes, including a vegan feta ‘cheese’, and will feature plants hanging from walls and ceilings throughout the store.

The vegan store forms part of Crussh’s ‘Powered by Plants’ initiative, which will see new vegan products launch across all its branches. Crussh currently offers over 50 vegan products across its sites, whilst over 70% of its food range is vegetarian.

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