Zinda Airwraps – A New Type Of Wrap.

Innovative food-to-go manufacturer Zinda Foods – www.zindafoods.com, launches its market-breaking and award winning range of ready-to-eat wraps made with the unique and differentiated AirWraps® as a base (instead of the ubiquitous tortilla) offering consumers a lighter, healthier and tastier way to eat away from home www.zindafoods.com .

The new brand, created by founder Anishya Kumar, boasts a mouthwatering range of wraps, which include age-old recipes and bold vibrant flavours developed in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef, Alfred Prasad. Zinda’s exclusive, first-to-market wrap base, the AirWrap®, is handcrafted with all natural ingredients, no preservatives & no palm oil with a texture thinner, lighter and softer than the traditional wraps found on UK supermarket shelves. It also contains less fat & salt enabling a far more enjoyable and healthier way to eat a wrap.

Each Zinda AirWrap® packs a punch, simple yet complex. As each filling comes with a story sharing the inspiration and thought behind it. The age-old recipes have been lovingly adapted and recreated for modern life.

Alfred Prasad says: “I am so pleased to collaborate with a brand like Zinda, which shares my ideologies of authentic flavours, healthy and responsible cooking. “The prospect of working with the AirWrap is exciting as the wrap itself is so unique compared to the generic, commercial wrap bases available, which gave me a lot to play around with. You can hardly taste the wrap, so it is really all about the filling and flavours. I have enjoyed re-inventing our Indian classics such as the Makhni and Akuri and presenting them in a healthier, wholesome and delicious way. I truly believe the Air Wrap will be a game changer and disrupt the market for all the right reasons. “

The range launched in Tesco from 7th January with RRP from £2.98 with instore sampling in the London stores.

AIRWRAPS® The initial core range will include:
Classic Chicken Caesar AirWrap® – tender chicken tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing with black olives, Parmesan flakes, bell peppers, lemon zest and crisp spinach
Mediterranean Feta Cheese AirWrap® – Greek Feta cheese tossed with bell peppers, olives, onions, apricots, zest of lemon & mint and crisp spinach Moroccan Chicken AirWrap® classic aromatic Tagine sauce with warming spices of nutmeg & cinnamon and crisp spinach.

Other seasonal flavours will follow the first of which is the Chicken Makhni Airwrap® in May. Egg Akuri AirWrap® – flavour packed, Parsi (Indo-Persian) eggs with a classic Akuri sauce – tomato, onion, ginger balanced with the earthy goodness of turmeric and fresh coriander Spicy Tuna Slaw AirWrap® – mildly spicy Tuna with bell peppers, onions, lemon & mint mixed with smokey chipotle mayo and shredded cabbage & carrots Mexican Molé Pulled Pork AirWrap® – pulled pork in a delicious smokey chipotle Mexican Molé sauce with fresh crunchy shredded cabbage & carrots Chicken Makhni AirWrap® – tender chicken in a mildly spiced butter chicken sauce with fresh crunchy shredded cabbage and carrots

The range boasts no red traffic lights with each AirWrap® achieving optimal energy balance – low calorie, high protein with one or more of your five a day.

The AirWraps also have less saturated fats and salt content than traditional wraps. All that with no compromise on flavor. Trying is really believing!

Anishya Kumar, the inspiration & face behind Zinda Foods says, “We are more than just a logo, our aim was to put a face behind a largely faceless category where products have become bland, boring & functional”. Zinda was born out of a desire to break the glass ceiling that was set for the foodto-go industry by creating products that were delicious, natural, healthy, filling and most of all affordable!”

Anishya reminisces “after moving to the UK, from India 12 years ago, I found myself in a ‘nutrition transition’. I became hugely overwhelmed and frazzled by how I was buying and eating food. How I cooked and ate back in India, fresh, wholesome, balanced and nutritious meals, seemed to be becoming a thing of the past.” With Zinda, I was inspired, to combine premium fresh ingredients and flavours with homemade comfort & nourishment in an unfussy, convenient format such as a wrap for UK consumers that was healthy and really tasty. I believe, with Zinda, people will be excited about the prospect of eating something good on-the-go, rather than feeling underwhelmed by lack of taste, variety and being able to find something that’s good for you nutritionally.”

Zinda’s AirWrap® was recognized and awarded a Sammie for Most Innovative Sandwich Product by the British Sandwich Association in 2017, described by the judging panel as a “game changer” and “good alternative to the tortilla”. –

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