Award-winning Filipino restaurant launches new range of meal kits for nationwide deliver

17 March, 21

Having dipped its toe in the nationwide delivery market with a brilliantly received breakfast kit and selection of bakery products, multi-award winning Romulo Café & Restaurant has now launched a new range of meal kits. With just the simplest of finishing touches, recipients will be able to enjoy restaurant-quality Filipino dishes from the comfort of their own home.

Created by Executive Chef Jeremy Villanueva and sufficient to feed two people, each Finish at Home Kit will include all the quality ingredients, condiments and sauces you need to concoct an unforgettable feast.

This exceptional new offering will launch with an amazing five-course menu. This will comprise Salmon Sinigang, sustainably sourced salmon in a tamarind broth with moringa leaves and leaf spinach; Fresh Vegetable Spring Roll filled with Romaine lettuce, palm hearts and bean sprouts served with a peanut sauce; the perennially popular Crispy Pork Hock (Pata), slow cooked boneless crispy pork hock, shrimp sauce, kalamansi & soy; Garlic Fried Rice; Stir Fried Bok Choy and Ube Cheesecake made with purple yams and topped with sweet young coconut. Not forgetting of course
a double batch of Romulo’s now legendary Pandesal – the last word in fluffy freshly baked bread rolls.

All food packaging is produced using recycled materials that can in turn be recycled. Containers are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be reused around the house.

Romulo’s kits are priced at just £60 plus postage fees of £7 for nationwide delivery or £10 for home deliveries. New additions to the range will follow, including add-ons to their breakfast kit such as Kesong Puti (a Filipino soft, unaged white cheese with truffles), Tapa (cured rib-eye beef), coco (nut) jam and an ube swirl loaf bread.

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