Meatball madness: smell like your favourite meatballs with limited edition bath bomb

31 March, 21

Everyone’s favourite Italian-American restaurant, Frankie and Benny’s has today announced a limited edition ‘Meatball Bath Bomb’ which lets you bathe in the aroma of its signature ‘Meatballs al Forno’ to celebrate 25 years of the iconic dish.

The restaurant chain, founded in 1995, first added its now signature dish to the menu in April 1996 and so, to celebrate the anniversary Frankie & Benny’s has created a bath bomb which will bring all of the aromas of the mouth-watering dish to your bath time.

Each flavour of the authentic Italian meatballs, which were developed based on the traditional meatball recipe with the brand’s Italian family supplier, is replicated in the bath bomb. As you submerge it in water you’ll be greeted by scents of pork and garlic, followed by chilli and tomato before hints of lemon and black pepper. You’ll be whisked away to your local Frankie & Benny’s in a matter of seconds.

The 200g bath bomb is larger than the average bath bomb (180g) to replicate the restaurant’s meatballs which, in true New York fashion, are bigger than most, and will be available online this April only at Frankie & Benny’s for just £9.99. There will only be 2,000 made so it will be first come, first served.

If it wasn’t tempting enough, each order of the bath bomb will come with a free dish of ‘Meatballs al Forno’ to enjoy in the bath and make it the ultimate meatball experience.

Gabriele Barysaite, Senior Brand Manager at Frankie & Benny’s, said: “Meatballs are our signature dish and when we realised this month marked 25 years of ‘Meatballs al Forno’ being on our menu, we got thinking about how we could celebrate it in style. Our Exec Chef always says that our meatballs are so good you could bathe in them. So, we thought we’d give it a go.”

Ben Keggans, Executive Chef at Frankie & Benny’s, said: “When head office told me I needed to help make a recipe for a bath bomb I thought they were pulling my leg. When I realised they weren’t I got thinking. Our meatball dish is so plentiful in scent that I wanted to make sure that all ingredients came through in the bath bomb. Whilst you will smell all ingredients, the tomato and lemon come through the most. I have to say, it almost smells better than the meatballs themselves!”

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