Celebrate National Caviar Day with Petrossian

6 July, 21

If ever there was the perfect excuse to dip into a tin of the finest caviar, surely National Caviar Day is it? The precious sturgeon roe is celebrated on July 18th every year, and Petrossian are on hand to help you celebrate the occasion by providing the finest, highest quality caviar to enjoy with family and friends.

The Petrossian Family has been sourcing and maturing the world’s finest caviar since they first brought this incredible delicacy to Paris in 1920. Over the last century, Petrossian has mastered the art of caviar, and learned how to pair the perfect caviar with the most discerning clientele. Their passion and commitment to excellence has made the Petrossian name synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication.

Celebrate At Home

Petrossian launched their UK online store in 2020, offering nationwide next day delivery to an acclaimed range of specialities including a world class selection of fine caviar.

Choosing your caviar is not as simple as it seems, with each species of sturgeon producing a different type of caviar, and even each individual fish is varied. Then the selection and aging process develops it further, making each tin of caviar unique. Different caviars can be recognised by the size, colour, firmness and flavour of the eggs.

Caviar is best served with a mother of pearl spoon, a material that’s perfectly adapted to the purpose as it helps prevent oxidation. Many caviar enthusiasts prefer the purity of a caviar tasted by no other means, whilst others choose to pair with complementary flavours. Simple accompaniments such as lightly buttered toast or blinis with a bit of creme fraiche showcase caviar perfectly, or you can get more creative and pair with veal tartare or a soft-boiled egg.

Dine Out:

Celebrating National Caviar Day is the perfect excuse to visit a fantastic restaurant, and Petrossian is used in various dishes by the below renowned chefs:

– The Dorchester, chef Mario Perera (who uses Baika , Daurenki, Beluga and Ossetra caviar)

– L’Enclume **, chef Simon Rogan (uses Ossetra special selection Simon Rogan, made with their own pure Maldon salt, and smoked pike roe)

– Bibendum **, chef Claude Bosi (uses smoked pike roe in his puree and Daurenki Tsar Imperial(R) selection Claude Bosi)

– Dame de Pic** at Four Seasons, chef Marc Mantovani

– The Raby Hunt **, chef & owner James Close

For more information and orders please visit www.petrossian.co.uk

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