Pulled pork takes centre stage for Bonfire Night and Halloween

31 August, 21

Soon the hazy days of summer will be turning into those chillier Autumn nights and AHDB has the perfect pulled pork recipes to share with friends and family to celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Launching on 18 October and running until 26 November, the ‘Mix-Up-Midweek-with-Perfect-Pulled-Pork’ campaign once again features a series of tasty, economical recipes offering a great mid-week meal alternative with a few flavour twists.

Each one is easy to cook and quick to prepare with plenty of leftovers for those looking to feed the family for less.

Pulled pork is an American barbecue dish, based on shredded barbecued pork shoulder. It is easy to replicate by using a slow cooker or an oven. Pork shoulder is ideal for pulling purposes as the fat cooks down to create tender, melty meat, with the low and slow cooking method making the meat fall off the bone. Simply shred it with forks and mix with a sauce for a tasty meal all can enjoy.

Love Pork’s recipes for Sweet ‘n Smoky, Paprika or Peri Peri – style dishes provide a versatile base flavour to create a wide variety of meals, which can be served up in anything from a roll to a wrap or taco shells.

Why not try the new ‘Peri Peri-Style Pulled Pork with Apple and Cucumber Salsa’ – a flavourful filling for a light brioche roll, or perhaps ‘Pulled Pork Flatbreads with Red Slaw’ which provides a twist on the classic pulled pork and coleslaw combination.

Pulled pork is also great to use in a chilli, which is teamed here with a bright array of flavoursome ingredients in this ‘Pulled pork Chilli Con Carne Buddha Bowl’ recipe. It’s also fantastic in a curry, or as an easy topping for a jacket potato such as these ‘Pulled Pork Loaded Jacket Potatoes’.

For lots more great pulled pork recipes ideas visit the LovePork.co.uk website.

As part of the ‘Mix-Up-Midweek-with-Pulled-Pork’ advertising campaign, consumers will be encouraged to try pulled pork with inspiration being served up online, in stores, on posters and across social media.

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