Top trends and flavours for Valentine’s Day as predicted by CBA member bakers

10 February, 22

A new survey has revealed what CBA member bakers think will be the top trends and flavours this Valentine’s Day.

As we start to emerge from the pandemic and the world begins to open up, many bakers are anticipating that celebratory flavours will be popular this Valentine’s Day. More than 1 in 3 bakers (38%) think that champagne / prosecco flavours be a top trend and a similar number (34%) expect gin & tonic inspired products to be popular.

This theme of celebration will extend to how bakes look, with Instagram-worthy, visual bakes expected to be popular. Over 3 in 4 bakers (76%) predict personalisation to be a top trend, along with bright colours (28%) and decoration (17%).

A firm favourite for Valentine’s Day, chocolate will still be a popular flavour however, with nearly half of bakers (48%) saying they think dark chocolate will do well with customers, over 1 in 3 (38%) milk chocolate and 1 in 5 (21%) white chocolate.

Salted caramel is expected to retain its popularity, with 1 in 4 bakers (24%) predicting this to do well. Floral flavours could start making their way into baked goods, with 1 in 30 bakers (3%) envisioning this being a trend in 2022. Traditionally popular fruit flavours such as strawberry and raspberry are also expected to be in demand by 1 in 4 bakers (24%), and nearly 1 in 10 think blueberry (7%) will do well.

The legacy of the pandemic means that consumer habits such as enjoying individual servings (40%), online ordering (31%), home delivery (24%) will remain.

Karen Dear, Director of Operations, commented; “With the world beginning to open up again, bakers are expecting consumers to be enjoying bakes with celebratory flavours and eye-catching decoration and personalisation this Valentine’s Day. We look forward to seeing the innovative and delicious products our baker members create to meet these trends and please customers!”

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