Seggiano, the specialist provider of authentic Italian artisan produced foods, is launching two NEW organic loose pastas – Cavatappi and Casarecce

9 June, 22

The first loose format, unpackaged pastas from Seggiano cater for a number of key consumer trends: the growing interest in refillable products, the rise in demand for gluten-free and the renewed interest in less refined, easily digestible, ancient grains with sustainable credentials.

The food refill concept continues to gather pace and according to a survey of more than 2,000 consumers by Which?, 75% of those questioned were amenable to buying refillable products, while another poll by Opinium indicates that between 65% and 80% of adults would shop from a refill station if this was available.

Nielsen data suggests that the gluten-free market is growing strongly, in a category worth over £3bn, figures reveal that the sector grew by 12.7% in 2020, with 97% of households regularly purchasing products marked as gluten-free (source: Gluten-Free Buying Guide – Tree of Life).

In addition to representing a sustainable crop, the benefits of eating ancient grains appeals to the health-conscious consumer. Regularly extolled by nutritionists, studies suggest incorporating these foods into a diet may help combat high cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and lower the risk of heart disease.

Appealing to zero-waste and environment-conscious retailers alike, the new loose offering combines the exceptional gourmet taste that is synonymous with Seggiano, while still catering for those who need – or choose – to adopt a gluten-free or low gluten diet.

Organic Cavatappi

Organic Cavatappi, meaning ‘corkscrew’ is a hollow, spiral-shaped tube pasta shape. Seggiano has invested four years developing this recipe to deliver a gluten-free pasta that is indistinguishable from a gourmet wheat pasta. Presented as part of the Unbelievably Gluten Free range, Seggiano Cavatappi is made solely from premium Italian ingredients – organic rice and corn, along with spring water from the Dolomite mountains. Dried low and slow for around 18 hours, the pasta retains its nutritional integrity, making it easily digestible without compromising on flavour and texture like many gluten-free products. Organic, vegan and GMO free.

Organic Casarecce

Casarecce, meaning ‘homemade’, is a traditional short pasta, loosely rolled lengthways and slightly twisted, commonly used for dishes where precious sauce needs a vehicle to hold onto. Low gluten index Seggiano Casarecce is made with indigenous Sicilian ancient grains and pure spring water from Mount Etna. Innovative low environmental impact grain milling, and production techniques powered by clean energy from renewable sources help create Seggiano’s most sustainable pasta yet. Organic and vegan.

Both pastas are made with no emulsifiers, binders, additives or enhancers, just simple, high-quality ingredients.

The Vegetarian Society vegetarian / vegan approved.

Retailers looking to stock the loose pasta can enquire through their sales rep, or can find out more online. RRP is £0.66 per 100g.

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