Henderson Technology celebrates 100th milestone

15 December, 22
Leading EPOS software provider, Henderson Technology, is celebrating its 100th EDGEPoS Electronic Shelf Edge Label (ESEL) installation at EUROSPAR Maghera.

Leading EPOS software provider, Henderson Technology, is celebrating its 100th EDGEPoS Electronic Shelf Edge Label (ESEL) installation at EUROSPAR Maghera.

EUROSPAR Maghera is one of twelve stores that make up the Kelly Group’s supermarket empire, through mid-Ulster. The family legacy stretches back to the early 1970’s, when they first began trading as a small newsagent. Today the twelve stores all operate under the Henderson Group franchises of EUROSPAR, SPAR and VIVO.

The Kelly family made the decision to trial ESELs in their SPAR store in Castledawson. They then began to look at the cost of ESELs over the seven years versus the savings that they would see in store with employee hours, increased margins and quickly came to the decision that ESELs would be a great investment. After piloting the first store and reaping the benefits quickly, they decided to install EDGEPoS ESELs across the other eleven stores and finished the complete project in six weeks with Henderson Technology.

Lauryn Kelly-Tallon, Kelly’s Group Store Manager, said: “It was a fantastic team effort from both our store employees and the install team at Henderson Technology. Initially we felt it was going to be a huge investment, but after doing a lot of research and getting support from Henderson Technology, we saw how well they would work in our stores.”

EDGEPoS Head Office and the ESELs have given the Kelly Group the control to create their own pricing batch files, which has allowed them to instantly increase margins across all twelve stores.

“One of the biggest drivers in installing EDGEPoS ESELs was to save on staff wages. Since installation it has meant we have been able to use our staff in other parts of the store and in some stores reduce the time needed on the shop floor by up to a quarter.

“We are in a world where retail technology is coming on leaps and bounds, and our younger staff have engaged particularly with ESELs. Staff engagement is key to the addition of any innovative technology instore,” she said.

Staff at the twelve stores were excited from the get-go, particularly the Managers, with the ability to instantly action promotion changeovers. Lauryn said that everyone instore has been incredibly positive about the upgrade to ESELs. “Promotion changeovers used to take at least one and a half days per store per changeover and now it’s done at the touch of a button.

“Pricing accuracy is 100% correct across all products in all stores. This has eliminated customer complaints on pricing. It’s a game changer! The ESELs look uniformed, and the customer can identify deals and promotions easily. Our staff no longer have to leave the shop floor to check back-office prices.

“With the cost of living, inflation and rise of energy costs across the stores, the ESELs have had an incredibly positive impact on helping with this. We sit down every quarter and review staff wages and hours, and the investment into ESELs is enabling us to review these more accurately.”

Lauryn recommends that retailers install EDGEPoS ESELs. “Don’t think about it – just do it! In the end it was an easy decision for us as a company and business. We have gained the GP margin; we have become more efficient, and it looks so professional. Working in partnership with Henderson Technology has meant we have perfected the process for twelve stores, so this should give any retailer or group the confidence to go with EDGEPoS ESELs if it’s something they are thinking of investing in,” she concludes.

Darren Nickels, Retail Technology Operations Director at Henderson Technology, added: “We are proud to work with Lauryn, Pearce, Shaun, Paul, and the whole team in all twelve of Kelly Group’s stores. They are a shining example of forward-thinking retailers, by adding innovative retail technology products to their EDGEPoS system and future proofing their business.”

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