Achieve faster secure dispensing with the next-generation Schoeller Allibert Speedy Valve®

17 January, 23

Returnable transit packaging innovator Schoeller Allibert is pleased to reveal the next generation of valve technology offering fast and secure liquid dispensing for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Schoeller Allibert’s Speedy Valve® is the first DN 50 butterfly valve for the foldable liquid bag-in-box sector that does not need lubrication, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

Capable of discharging 14% faster than other valves on the market and offering extended shelf life, the Speedy Valve uses a trademarked Releasy® mechanism to enable easier fitment handling.

The Speedy Valve is designed to work alongside Schoeller Allibert’s premier Combo Excelsior® range of intermediate bulk containers, which offer safe and hygienic packaging options for cosmetics and pharma suppliers.

Jan De Witte, CSO of Schoeller Allibert Group, said: “Having successfully introduced the Schoeller Allibert DN 50 butterfly valve 20 years ago, we have now taken the valve to the next level, improving the customer experience for fillers and dischargers of the Combo Excelsior®.

“Engineered plastics and special valve seals make the Speedy Valve® a must-have in pharma, cosmetics and food supply chains as they are BPA-free, steamable and have improved content security. The Speedy Valve makes filling and dispensing easier, faster, and more secure for the future. This tamper-evident valve is the benchmark when shipping bulk liquid goods. We are happy to add this valve to our range and look forward to future innovations in valve technology.”

The Speedy Valve ensures safe handling and fast emptying speeds, with research showing it is capable of discharging in just over eight and half minutes – 14% faster than other brands.

Its two-step opening mechanism means the valve is operator-friendly, and a new butterfly silicone ring attachment improves its operational life compared with the six months that is typical of other DN 50 valves.

Extensive steam testing has shown the Speedy Valve is extremely suitable for aseptic dispensing, while the addition of a light blue O-Ring offers extra hygiene security for food applications.

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