Ueshima Coffee company introduces new product lineup

24 August, 23
Ueshima Coffee Company, Japan's no.1 coffee brand, has announced new products, including a Fairtrade decaf and three new speciality coffee beans.

Ueshima Coffee Company, Japan’s no.1 coffee brand, has announced new products, including a Fairtrade decaf and three new speciality coffee beans.

The new product line-up continues the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional tasting coffee. The new range includes a Fairtrade decaf, for coffee enthusiasts who seek the unparalleled taste of Ueshima without the caffeine. Plus, a trio of new specialty beans, sourced from Kenya and Mexico through the NKG Bloom initiative, promising to excite coffee lovers with refined tastes.

Kirsty Pavely, Marketing Controller Ueshima, UCC comments: “We are thrilled to unveil our latest specialty and decaf coffees, crafted with the same passion and dedication that has made Ueshima Coffee Company a beloved brand in Japan and beyond. We’re thrilled that some of our newly launched products – Ueshima Decaf and Kenya – have already been so well received, receiving Great Taste Awards this summer, and we can’t wait to showcase them to foodservice operators.”

Established in Kobe in 1933, Ueshima Coffee Company prides itself on being Japan’s top coffee choice and has continually thrived within the rich Japanese coffee culture. The brand’s coffee masters have dedicated decades to perfecting the craft of coffee, subtly influencing coffee trends worldwide – this attention to great quality coffee and exceptional taste has been recognised for the third year running with the brand being awarded six Great Taste awards.

This recent accolade includes two-Star awards for their Fuji Mountain capsules and Kobe Blend beans and one-Star for their new Fairtrade decaf and Kenyan speciality beans.

Since its successful launch into the UK market in 2021, Ueshima Coffee Company has built partnerships with operators including Waitrose & Partners, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Sticks’n’Sushi, Harrods, Japan Centre, Shoryu, Oakman Inns, and Compass.

Ueshima Coffee Company is a brand owned and operated by UCC, which delivers a total coffee solution for foodservice, hospitality and retail operators.

Information on the new products:

Fairtrade Decaf coffee beans: Medium Roast

Rich and balanced, our decaffeinated coffee is beautifully rounded with lower acidity – a hallmark of traditional Japanese roasting techniques. With notes of caramel, raisin, and milk chocolate. 2023 Great Taste award winner.

Kenya speciality coffee beans: Balanced and Complex

From Kenya’s fertile lands comes this single-origin coffee, a true embodiment of balance and complexity. Made with superior quality sustainable beans, the Kenya speciality coffee delights with its delicate, tea-like body and higher acidity, offering a refined and invigorating coffee experience. 2023 Great Taste award winner.

Mexico speciality coffee beans: Sweet and Juicy

Hailing from Mexico’s vibrant coffee regions, this single-origin delight is crafted with superior quality sustainable beans, showcasing sweet and juicy notes. With a fuller body, low bitterness, and medium acidity, the Mexico speciality coffee promises a satisfying coffee experience.

Takumi Blend coffee beans: Bright and Fresh

Named after the Japanese word for ‘master,’ the Takumi Blend is a true masterpiece. Carefully crafted using the finest sustainable specialty coffee beans, it combines the Mexico and Kenya Speciality coffee beans and showcases a bright and fresh character, with low bitterness and medium acidity, reflecting the artistry of Ueshima’s coffee masters.

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