St Pierre launches two new products

15 September, 23
St Pierre, the UK’s fastest-growing bakery brand has announced two new products to its growing range of premium European baked goods,

St Pierre, the UK’s fastest-growing bakery brand has announced two new products to its growing range of premium European baked goods.[1]

St Pierre Belgian Waffles with Butter and St Pierre Belgian Waffles with Chocolate Chips will launch into 360 ASDA stores from 25th September 2023, with an RRP of £3.50 for a pack of six.

The St Pierre brand is growing at 83 per cent on last year and morning goods now represent 16 per cent of its UK brand value versus just 6 per cent last year.[2] The launch is the first multipack waffle product for the UK market, though the brand successfully launched a similar product into the US market via Walmart at the end of last year.

Lauren Meadows, Head of UK Brands at St Pierre Groupe comments, “This product launch is exciting for us – it’s brand new to our product range and it’s a new format too, giving real on-shelf standout. More importantly, however, the quality of our Belgian Waffles is second-to-none.

“St Pierre is all about elevating the everyday and waffles are not traditionally seen as a premium product. What we have managed to do, is offer a premium solution in a category that is growing at 14 per cent, but will no doubt be helped by the addition of an innovative new product.”[3]

The new St Pierre waffles are made in Belgium to an authentic, traditional recipe using real butter, Belgian chocolate chips, fresh yeast, whole eggs and real Belgian sugar pearls to add an authentic caramelisation and crunch found in traditional Liege waffles.

Ready to eat and free of any artificial colours or preservatives, the Belgian waffles are individually-wrapped for easy on-the-go snacking, making them versatile for multiple meal occasions.

Meadows continues, “Waffle consumption increased in 2020 with the arrival of lockdown and greater demand for variety in breakfast and at-home snacking. Those consumers are still looking for elevated meals and St Pierre Belgian Waffles will appeal to the increased number of adults looking for indulgence.

“We’re offering a convenient product that’s versatile; perfect in savoury and sweet recipes whether at-home or on-the-go, and all without compromising on superior quality and fantastic taste – the benchmark of the St Pierre brand.”

Inspired by global foodservice trends, the brand has noted increased usage in savoury meals and recipe ideas using dough-based waffles as sandwich carriers becoming prolific on TikTok and Instagram. The innovation aims to meet increased consumer demand amongst adults for a quality waffle product.

St Pierre will be supporting the launch with mass sampling, consumer advertising, dedicated social media activity and an influencer engagement campaign to encourage wide usage of the waffle products.

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