Hot water & lemon just got a makeover

25 January, 21

Pukka Herbs, the UK’s largest organic tea company, has announced the launch of its new caffeine-free herbal tea – Fresh Start – expertly blended by Master Herbsmith and practising herbalist Sebastian Pole, with sustainably sourced organic herbs, delicious zesty organic lemon and warming aromatic fennel seeds to gently awaken your body and mind to a new day and help you feel your brightest self.

This stimulating yet soothing blend helps to strengthen the digestive system to support optimum metabolism and, like all Pukka’s herbal blends, is made with 100% organic and ethically sourced ingredients. Making a cup of Pukka Fresh Start tea each day enables you to create a simple, healthy morning ritual harnessing the natural power of organic plants.

Expertly blended

Pukka Herbs create unique blends of nature’s incredible herbs through the knowledge of its world-renowned herbalists and global research. Sourced from organic farms in ways that give back to the planet with every cup.

Nature’s finest ingredients to help you start your day feeling fresh and bright:

– Lemongrass: A naturally vibrant herb, packed with stimulating and pungent essential oils that help with inner harmony
– Lemon: Used for centuries in Ayurveda, lemon aids digestion by stimulating salivary and digestive secretion
– Sweet fennel seed: Brimming with herbal benefits, the essential oils can help relax muscles. In Ayurveda, fennel seeds are used to calm and promote mental clarity
– Coriander seed: An excellent herb for supporting digestive wellbeing

Jo Webber, Head of Herbal Education and Ayurvedic Practitioner says:
“A Pukka twist on the traditional lemon morning drink, Fresh Start helps to promote healthy rituals, so you feel your best. The amazing benefits of lemon are well-known. It’s been used in for centuries as a digestive due to its aromatic and bitter properties.

“Packed with organic practitioner-grade herbs, Fresh Start supports the body’s own natural actions. The result is a refreshing cup of herbal goodness to leave you feeling energised. This brightening blend helps to optimise your wellbeing to awaken your best self.

Pukka Fresh Start organic tea will be available from Amazon fresh, health food stores and supermarkets across the UK. The RRP will be priced at £2.99 for a box containing 20 sachets of Fresh Start tea.

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