TRIP, the UK’s largest private carbonated drinks brand, launches first-to-market functional mushroom and adaptogen range – mindful blend

29 April, 24
TRIP, the UK’s fastest growing soft drinks brand, launches a new drinks range, Mindful Blend. Marking an exciting next step for TRIP in its first foray beyond CBD drinks

TRIP, the UK’s fastest growing soft drinks brand, launches a new drinks range, Mindful Blend. Marking an exciting next step for TRIP in its first foray beyond CBD drinks, the Mindful Blend range combines Lion’s Mane, Magnesium, Ashwagandha and L-theanine with an infusion of nature’s botanicals. The new functional drinks will launch with four flavours including, Cucumber Mint, Blood Orange Rosemary, Elderflower Mint and Raspberry Orange Blossom. The unique blend aims to provide consumers with a new way to find calm through the powerful and popular health benefits of these functional ingredients, which have exploded on social media, with over 3.5 billion TikTok searches, in an accessible canned soft drink.

The new Mindful Blend SKUs will be available to purchase from 24th April 2024 at, followed by major retailers nationwide from 6th May 2024 including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, Co-op, and Ocado, RRP £2.00. The range will also be available in restaurants and coffee shops from May, including LEON outlets nationwide. TRIP’s new range landing on shelves will be the first time consumers are able to purchase Lion’s Mane, Magnesium, and Ashwagandha in one RTD can from retailers and the on-trade.

Functional drinks are the key growth driver within the soft drinks category and have increased volume and value in carbonates. As one of the leading brands powering this growth, TRIP is bringing three emerging and viral ingredients into the mainstream and aims to replicate the success of its core CBD drinks range. TRIP has harnessed the widespread attention for functional ingredients, with the Mindful Blend range serving as a delicious new innovation by bringing together nature’s botanicals. Every drop in the four new SKUs has been crafted for calm, including the following most talked about ingredients:

Lion’s Mane: The global adaptogenic mushrooms market was valued at $10.9bn (£8.7 billion) in 2022 and expected to net a 10% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the next decade. Lion’s Mane is the #1 therapeutic mushroom in the UK, and the Mindful Blend drinks include 100mg of the fruiting bodies per can to aid mental clarity. ‘Lion’s Mane’ has amassed over 87 million views on TikTok, and before it caught mainstream attention, Lion’s Mane was used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve anxiety and stress, and aids the crucial role of the central nervous system to cognitive function, emotions and behaviour.

Magnesium: The Magnesium hashtag currently has over 1.9 billion views on TikTok, with constant hype about the mineral’s alleviation of anxious feelings. TRIP’s new range is crafted with 120mg of magnesium to help find calm and balance after it became the #1 health and wellbeing trend of 2023. The mineral is involved in many enzymatic processes in the body including the regulation of neurotransmitters which transmit signals throughout the brain and nervous system, and therefore boosting magnesium intake has calming effects.

Ashwagandha: The plant-based calming ingredient has recently gone viral on TikTok, with the hashtag accumulating over 1 billion views. TRIP’s Mindful Blend range includes a dosage of 100mg of ashwagandha per can. The ingredient interacts at various points with the body’s natural stress response system, helping to regulate triggers and return the body to homeostasis.

Olivia Ferdi at TRIP says, “As the largest privately owned carbonated drinks brand, we have led the growth of the functional drinks category and are excited to continue our trailblazing impact in the sector with the launch of our unique Mindful Blend range, offering a new way to find the same calming effect as our CBD range. As consumers continue to prioritise health and wellness, Mindful Blend provides an accessible way to incorporate these trending ingredients into your lifestyle and a new way to unwind. Millions already find calm through the functionality of our CBD drinks, and seeing the increased demand and popularity of these ingredients has made it clear that there is a market for us to expand into a new range of soft drinks.”

TRIP’s CBD beverage sales continue strong performance alongside deepening distribution to meet customer demand. In 2024 alone, TRIP gained distribution in Marks & Spencer, Morrison’s, grown distribution in Waitrose front-of-store chillers, Superdrug, Stonegate Pubs, The Alchemist, Bidfood, Central Supplies, Millennium, amongst many others. Growth in these new stores, alongside the 25,000+ distribution points the brand already has, have led to TRIP being the fastest growing soft drink in January 2024. TRIP is listed in 14 of the top 15 beverage retailers in the UK, including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrison’s, Ocado, Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett with similar nationwide distribution replicated in France.

TRIP will drive further brand awareness of both ranges with its very first nationwide TV campaign. Olivia Ferdi says “Our mission is to help millions of people find calm and make plant powered wellbeing accessible to all. The nationwide campaign is a key step to helping millions of people by driving awareness of this new way to unwind and find calm, naturally.”

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