Days Brewing and Huboo toast to a refreshing partnership for UK fulfilment

22 May, 24
Days Brewing, a leading alcohol-free beer brand, and eCommerce fulfilment provider Huboo are celebrating one year of partnership, which has driven a remarkable 112% growth in sales.

Days Brewing, a leading alcohol-free beer brand, and eCommerce fulfilment provider Huboo are celebrating one year of partnership, which has driven a remarkable 112% growth in sales. A collaboration which has significantly enhanced Days Brewing’s distribution capabilities across the UK.

The partnership, which leverages Huboo’s innovative hub-based fulfilment model, has streamlined Days Brewing’s operations, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of popular beers to customers nationwide. Since partnering with Huboo, the business has more than doubled, which they attribute, in part, to the seamless fulfilment services Huboo has provided.

Founded in 2020, Days Brewing has rapidly established itself as a leader in the alcohol-free beer market. A business committed to revolutionising drinking culture with high-quality, inclusive, and enjoyable beer alternatives, its collaboration with Huboo represents a significant milestone in the company’s expansion efforts, aimed at supporting its substantial growth and increasing customer demand.

The alcohol free market is growing fast, with the IWSR reporting that the UK’s no or low-alcohol market is expected to grow by 7% year on year between 2022 and 2026 and that globally, consumption of low and no alcohol drinks will rise by a third by 2026. This is further backed by research from Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January®, which revealed that amongst UK adults (excluding non-drinkers), 30% of men and 26% of women wanted to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink in 2024.

Since initiating the partnership, Days Brewing has also observed a marked improvement in fulfilment efficiencies with a customer satisfaction rating of 97.8%, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased repeat business. Huboo’s expertise and guidance has also proved instrumental in resolving Days Brewing’s packaging challenges – enabling them to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing and practical, secure packaging, ensuring that their beers arrive in perfect condition.

This operational improvement comes at a crucial time as the brand continues to experience high demand through its direct-to-consumer and retail channels, in preparation for the busy summer months.

Duncan Keith, co-founder of Days Brewing, commented on the partnership; “The collaboration with Huboo has significantly improved our distribution process, freeing up time for us to focus on product development and customer engagement. This partnership has introduced a more streamlined logistics approach, which is crucial as it allows us to ensure swift and reliable delivery of our beers to our customers.

Duncan continued: “The efficiency gained in distribution has freed up valuable resources, which are now directed towards innovation in our product line and enhancing interactions with our customers. By ensuring that logistics are handled efficiently and reliably, we can maintain the high quality and service standards our customers expect, supporting our ongoing growth and enabling us to explore new market opportunities. This strategic focus on operational excellence helps us stay competitive and responsive in a dynamic market, paving the way for sustained expansion and customer satisfaction.”

Days Brewing has also been recognised not only for its pioneering role in the alcohol-free sector but also for its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. As a certified B Corp, Days contributes 2% of sales to mental health initiatives, aligning profit with purpose and underscoring its dedication to community and wellbeing.

Based in Bristol, Huboo provides multi-channel fulfilment and storage services for more than 1,400 businesses across the UK, Europe and the US. It is the pioneer of the ‘hub-based’ warehousing model – a unique human-centric system focused on ‘hubs’ – essentially micro-warehouses – that are run by small teams who participate in all aspects of the fulfilment process to make it more streamlined and efficient.

Days Brewing credits its partnership with Huboo for the ability to scale its direct-to-consumer channel while maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. A collaboration that boosts their confidence, particularly in the rapidly growing alcohol-free sector.

Paul Dodd, co-founder and chief innovation officer at Huboo, echoed these sentiments, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Days Brewing and support their impressive growth trajectory in the alcohol-free beer sector. Our role is to remove logistical challenges, allowing the business to continue focusing on creating exceptional beer that meets the demands of the UK’s growing sober-curious consumers.”

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