Carrefour Joins IBM Blockchain Collaboration.

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Carrefour has joined the IBM Food Trust platform, which aims to use Blockchain to improve transparency and accountability in food production by connecting information across the supply chain.

Improving Food Safety
One of the primary aims of the collaboration is to improve food safety by increasing the ability of businesses to quickly identify and trace goods as they move through supply chains. Blockchain provides users with permission with a view of transactions and information relating to a specific product, crop or commodity. This makes it relatively simple to retrieve information on the source of a product, a production batch number or product’s state at specific locations.

Why Blockchain?
What makes Blockchain so powerful is its security. Due to the way in which a Blockchain is constructed, the information stored within it cannot be fraudulently adjusted.

Carrefour joins major global manufacturers and retailers already on the platform, including Nestlé, Unilever, Kroger, Walmart and S Group.

A Rising Need For Transparency
Cosme de Moucheron, IBM’s Managing Director in charge of Carrefour Group, commented: “Consumers want more and more transparency regarding the products they eat. That’s why members of the IBM Food Trust ecosystem are co-developing a new solution – so that all of the parties involved in the supply chain can guarantee product traceability and quality. We are delighted that Carrefour is joining the group of founder members behind this initiative so it can play an active role in extending it throughout Europe and the rest of the world.”

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