For The Love Of Pigs: Introducing The ‘Porkie Burger’.

– Orchard Pig have partnered with plant-based producer The Meatless Farm Co to create an edible ‘love letter’ to the glorious pig – with no pigs harmed in the making
– They’ve made the world’s first cider-infused meat-free ‘pork & apple’ burger – using their vegan certified liquid as tasting notes to form the perfect pairing dish
– Meatless Mondays just got more fun! The recipe will be trotting around select bars in the UK this month, or you can try making it at home

Imagine biting into a delicious juicy burger, in a crispy bun with rich melting cheese, finished with a spicy sweet kick – washed down with an ice-cold, smooth apple cider… Now imagine finding out it’s all entirely VEGAN. (We’re not telling porkies).

Well, your prayers have been answered, courtesy of Orchard Pig and Meatless Farm – who have linked up to create a vegan burger to tingle your taste-buds – where the only pig in the recipe is on the cider bottle, so you’re doing your bit for the planet while chowing down.

The Porkie Burger looks like pork, tastes like pork, but guess what – its meat-free and made with the love of animals in mind – and what a better time to try it than during the Year of the Pig? They’ve thought outside the box (or barn) to invent the burger, using flavours like apple and pork, which famously complement each other.

This latest burger lover’s innovation is made using Meatless Farm plant-based sausages (made from pea, soya and rice proteins), topped with a cider-infused apple & chilli jam and melty vegan cheese. The recipe was invented by the research & development teams of Orchard Pig & Meatless Farm, who created the bespoke vegan burger as a perfect pairing to a crisp cold cider – using countryside vibes and nature as inspiration.

Zoe Atkinson at Orchard Pig, said:

“At Orchard Pig, we’re proud to say our full cider range is accredited as vegan by the Vegetarian Society, unlike some of the leading cider brands on the market, meaning you don’t need to miss out on one of life’s pleasures to do good for the planet.”

“Naturally, we needed to create the perfect vegan pairing dish to go with our vegan cider – and what’s better than a decadent burger? We’re thrilled to partner with our pals at Meatless Farm and we think you’ll be happy as a pig in mud with the delicious result.”

The vegan pairing dish will be trotting its way around select bars in Bristol and London later this month for you to try – but for those up for giving it a bash themselves (we promise it’s easy) the recipe can be viewed on Meatless Farm’s website.

Morten Toft-Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm, said:

“It’s more important than ever that we are working together to reduce our meat consumption, it’s positive for our health and the planet. If we can all make simple swaps, like opting for this Porkie Burger, then collectively we can have a huge impact. Swapping just one more meat meal to plant-based a week reduces the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 8.4% – the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road.”

Orchard Pig is committed to all things farm-friendly, earlier this summer they built a giant pink wooden pig that people could rent to stay inside on Airbnb – it fit 12 people inside and came with cider aplenty for the ultimate glamPIG experience.

The plant-based burger recipe can be viewed at, or you can go along to one of the pop-up Orchard Pig meat-free kitchens taking place in select bars around the UK this month. More information at

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