Getting Ukrainian agricultural produce back in motion

“Calling all logistics players across Europe, your help is needed”, that is the rallying cry from Transporeon, ALICE and the European Commission. With 25 million tons of grain and other agricultural goods held in storage due to the supply chain disruptions as a direct result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a gargantuan effort by the collective logistics industry is needed to get these goods back on the road and rail again.

The European Commission has adopted the action plan ‘EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes’ aimed at facilitating the Ukraine’s agricultural export and bilateral trade with the EU. A key part of this plan is to scale up rail freight transportation capacity, unleash bottlenecks and drive engagement from the logistics community to take part, contribute transportation equipment and open up freight corridors.

Transporeon today announces the availability of its Transportation Management Platform for all involved parties to identify live congestions and transit times across the region. “We are proud and honoured to have been invited to support this vital program. Provision of this real-time visibility capability will allow all players in the supply chain to see live congestions and current transit times to plan their transportation activity more efficiently as well as providing governmental bodies an opportunity to deploy resources as necessary to alleviate any bottlenecks, both of these activities are crucial to the release of these vital products back into circulation.”, said Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon.

In addition, Transporeon will offer its freight procurement platform for free and the needed consultancy services to run the project at cost to all shippers engaged in exporting Ukraine produce worldwide. This service will give suppliers in the Ukraine access to the market’s leading transportation management platform enabling logistics providers to submit prices and capacities in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.

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“As the name suggests, the EU-UA Solidarity Lanes are an exercise in solidarity; close cooperation between Member States, national, regional, local authorities and private entities that drives partnership and the interoperability needed to succeed. We have trust in companies like Transporeon to put the full force of their expertise behind the Solidarity Lanes.” said European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean.

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