Launching At lunch!: UK’s Biggest Food-To-Go Showcase Previews New Product Innovations.

lunch! show previews its exhibitor show highlights for 2019

Buyers looking for the latest must-have innovations will have plenty to keep them busy at lunch! next month, at London ExCeL on 19-20 September, with more new products to see, sample and demo than ever.

CBD-infused drinks, spicy turmeric mayo, red lentil tortillas, vegan panettone, kefir ice cream, Rwandan coffee, nut milks, gourmet cookie dough treats, savoury slices, and veg snacks, plus a host of plastic-free packaging options – are just some of the innovations set to make their debut at the UK’s biggest food-to-go trade showcase of the year.

Many of the products listed below are launching at the show. Here’s just a taste of what’s new for 2019:

Brave is sampling its new range of Roasted Chickpea snacks. As with their Roasted Peas, the new range is high in protein and fibre and contains fewer calories. Available in three flavours: Sea Salt, Sweet Chilli and Dark Chocolate (stand H37).

Tony’s Chocolonely is sampling new White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy, which will officially launch in early October. Tony’s Chocolonely is dedicated to eradicating slavery from the cocoa industry, by working directly with 5,420 farmers and partner cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The company aims to provide a fairer income and help to invest in agricultural training courses and nurseries for new cocoa trees (stand M31).

Soreen is launching its new healthy snacking product at lunch!. The Banana Loaf Bar not only has Soreen’s squidgy texture and natural energy content but is also vegan approved (Vegetarian Society). The launch is supported by a £1m brand campaign (stand E80).

Mindful Bites is launching its Panettone range of vegan Christmas cakes in three flavours – Classic (with raisins and candied orange peels), Chocolate, and Mixed Berries. All flavours are available in the traditional family format (500g), the miniature version (100g), and a Gift Box (300g) containing all three variants (stand J45).

Drinks Cubed is on a mission to become the UK’s lowest carbon footprint drinks brand by 2022 and is launching Water Cubed Natural Mineral Water in both 500ml and 1L carton-bottles. Water Cubed is made with over 90% plant-based materials and an ASI certified aluminium layer (stand G49).

LoveSeitan is launching a new 100g breaded Funky Chyck’n seitan burger. The burger is 100% plant-based, high in protein, GMO and palm oil free and is a good source of fibre. Loveseitan is also sampling Funky Chyck’n Bites, Facon Bacon and a range of flavoured seitan logs (stand C85).

MightyBee is launching four new flavours of its vegan Bananito bars, which combine a whole solar-dried banana with 100% natural wholefood ingredients. Flavours include Peanut Crunch, Coconut Delight, Cashew Cookie and Banoffee (stand N42).

Hullabaloo is launching its new family-friendly Nutty Munch chocolate bars, with 75% less sugar and sweetened with chicory root fibre and natural erythritol. The chocolate bars come in two flavours: Oddberry, a raspberry nougat covered in milk chocolate, and Nuttymunch, a peanut crispy fudge bar enrobed in milk chocolate (stand N75).

James White Drinks is launching its naturally Bold Organics range of fruit and vegetable juices with a fresh new look for 2019. The colourful design features across the range of 25cl and 75cl glass bottles in the following flavours: Apple, Pear, Carrot & Apple, Apple & Ginger, Pear & Raspberry, Apple, Carrot & Tomato; and Mixed Vegetable. Also showcasing its recently launched range of Zinger Shots (stand K37).

Bravura Foods is launching a CBD-infused lightly sparkling range of drinks with new brand – Leaf Life. Available in slimline 250ml recyclable cans, they contain 15mg of full spectrum CBD and are free from artificial flavours and colours. Flavours include: Lemonade, Raspberry, and Mango with Passionfruit (stand C37).

Munchy Seeds is launching Warm Cinnamon, a new seed mix containing lightly roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds tumbled in a cinnamon and sugar coating. The gluten free and vegan seeds can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled over porridge and yoghurt (stand C81).

J & G Pecans is launching ‘Pecan Crunch’ – roasted pecans with a twist. Developed using a novel-food-process, the pecans absorb sugar and honey resulting in a crunchiness and long shelf-life. They can be eaten as a snack or added to yogurt, ice-cream, cereals, chocolate, and savoury dishes like rice-mixes and salads (stand B34).

Making its debut at the show, Liteez by Matok V’kal is a (patent pending) plant-based, meringue kiss cookie/sweetener, which can dissolve in hot drinks or be eaten as a sweet treat. Each cookie has only one calorie and is equal in sweetness to half a teaspoon of sugar (stand B35).

Radnor Hills is launching its pure spring water in a 330ml can format. The new still and sparkling cans are manufactured and filled in Powys, mid-Wales (stand F36).

Triangle Nutrition is introducing Beast – a crunchy snack that’s high in protein and made with a chickpea and soya base. Three new flavours will be showcased at the show (stand F47).

Lord Sandwich t/a full wrap is introducing Full-Wrap, a gluten-free, whole protein, premium tortilla made from red lentils. Flexible and easy-to-use, the tortilla stays fresh for a longer period and is a healthy alternative to the traditional category as it is made of whole protein (stand G45).

Agriculture – Ein Harod ACA is launching Silan – Date Syrup. Silan may be an ancient ingredient but it’s new to the foodservice industry as a vegan alternative to honey. A sweet fruit-syrup extracted from dates, it’s a great substitute for sugar/honey/sweeteners, and can be used in the production of yogurt, ice cream, cereals, condiments and many more applications (stand G44).

The Savourists are launching at lunch! with two distinctive savoury bars. Made of compressed super seeds (pumpkin, chia, flax and sunflower) they are packed with bursts of Sundried Tomato and Herb or Black Olive and Nori Seaweed. It is high protein, low sugar, gluten free, vegan, and under 165 kcals (stand SU-26).

WorldBake is introducing a baked pretzel range from Ditsch – which includes pretzels, pretzel sandwich carriers, pizza snacks and pretzel croissant products. Great for sweet and savoury snacking and hot and cold sandwich carriers (stand P75).

Seedful – The Heart of Nature is launching Vegan Lunch Boxes – containing two slices of super seed wholesome breads with a choice of dip (including Manilife Peanut Butter). These gluten-free and vegan boxes also offer a long shelf-life for the ‘to go’ market (stand E60).

Abakus Foods is launching Seaweed Crisps in three new flavours. These better-for-you alternative to potato crisps are gluten-free, vegan, only 100 calories per bag, and part of the ‘1% For The Planet’ movement. Flavours include: Lightly Salted, Salt & Vinegar, and Cheese (stand SU-20).

Loving Nutrients is launching Zefir at lunch!. This marshmallow snack is vegetarian, gelatine free, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. Made with simple ingredients, and no artificial colours, sweeteners and non-GMO (stand SU-20).

Traybakes is introducing its rich Belgian dark chocolate brownies, enclosing a generous layer of smooth salted caramel. Made by hand with an ambient 14-week shelf life, they are available in-service trays, gift/hamper sized sharing slices, and also come in conveniently wrapped and branded individual bars (stand A41).

The Food Doctor is launching its new Super Snack mixes in 120g resealable pouches, which are full of fibre and protein – always roasted, never fried. Available in five flavour combos: Rosemary & Sea Salt, Mexican Chilli Bean, Chilli, Coriander & Harissa, Masala & Sweet Chilli and Chickpea Choc Mix (stand N44).

One Water is introducing its new water cans at lunch!. Available in still and sparkling spring water, these refreshing cans are zero plastic, 100% recyclable and made from over 60% recycled aluminium. Every can funds sustainable clean water projects in areas that need it most (stand M50).

The Foraging Fox is launching its spicy turmeric mayo, made with a smooth combination of aromatic spices and golden turmeric. The spicy turmeric joins the rest of the Foxy range of all natural flavoured mayonnaises that are free from gluten, sugar and artificial colours, flavours or preservatives (stand N36).

Rebel Kitchen is launching its new and improved on-the-go Mylk range in Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Mocha, and Chocolate Hazelnut. They complement their Mylk 1L and Mylk Yog ranges and have been developed with the basics in mind – simple ingredients, dairy-free and organic (stand N76).

Doughlicious is launching new gluten-free and vegan gourmet cookie dough treats in Vegan Sprinkles, Vegan Chocolate Chip, and Gluten Free Chocolate and Vanilla. The sprinkles are made with natural flavourings such as turmeric and beetroot, with no additives/preservatives, refined sugars or palm oil (stand Q88).

Adam’s Cold Pressed Chocolate is launching Adam’s Raw Chocolate Slices, made with half-raw chocolate and half-brownie. These Soil Association certified organic and vegan slices are available in traybake format, boasting a six months shelf life. Hand crafted with natural sugars and a SALSA accredited production (stand Q86).

Nooj is making its debut at lunch! with the launch of two nut pastes in almond and cashew. Each concentrate contains 60% nut, and when blended with water creates a milk with a high nut content. Used straight from the pack, they are a unique and versatile all-round dairy replacement (stand D84).

Satisfied Snacks is introducing Roughs – a new type of ‘veg on the go’ snack. Available in Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese; Tomato and Feta; Red Pepper and Walnut; Carrot and Kimchi; and Pea and Courgette (stand SU-6).

Holy Moly Dips is launching its all-natural ready-to-eat snack packs. The healthy food-to-go options combine a range of all-natural dips with a healthy snack – one with rolled tortillas, the other with carrot batons and one with egg halves. The tortilla snack pot is free from additives, sugar, dairy, gluten and suitable for vegans (stand L81).

Launching at lunch!, Gut Instinct’s Oatstix is an ethical and sustainable alternative to cow’s milk. The portion packs are available in handy 10ml easy to open sticks (in cases of 120 and 200), making them ideal for hotels, airlines, and caterers. They contain 50% less plastic waste vs plastic pots, are 41% more economical to distribute and use 80% less land to grow than cow’s milk (stand SU-2).

DRGN Turmeric Superdrink is launching its new Turmeric Superdrink with reduced sugar and revamped packaging. Inspired by the Far East, DRGN provides a natural source of energy and wellness, without caffeine. This natural Citrus drink is a fusion of ‘superfoods’, vitamins and minerals, containing only 4.9g/100ml sugar and 53 calories per serve (stand A74).

PLAYin CHOC has rebranded its ToyChoc Box, which comes with two mini allergen free and vegan chocs, a fun 3D animal puzzle to build, an educational fact card, and three stencils for kids to draw with. There will be 66 to collect, including a new (launching at the show) 18 set dinosaur range and six set Christmas box. Also showcasing: lighter and darker chocolate-only boxes. All packaging is either fully recyclable or home compostable (stand B33).

Rushdi Food Enterprises is introducing Rushdi’s creamy tahini. Made for better functionality, it is easier to spoon, has a higher water absorption and no oil separation. No more clumping of the tahini and waste at the bottom of the bucket (stand H41).

Chapter Coffee Roasters is unveiling a new Rwandan Single Origin coffee, which is beautifully balanced with rose-like floral notes and a sweet aroma. This coffee comes from the Gashonga Farms at lake Kivu (stand J11).

Plant Pops is launching a new grab and go packaging format for its award-winning popped lotus seed range, which comes in Himalayan Salt, Smoked Chilli, and Peanut Butter. The range is vegan, gluten-free, free from artificial ingredients and palm oil, and less than 99 calories per bag (stand J83).

The Ration is launching its Apple, Mango & Passion Fruit 40g snack bars coated in yoghurt. Made with only natural ingredients, they are full of fibre, protein and omega-3 (stand A87).

Boka Food is launching Boka Granola – made with a new formulation of clusters of oats, barley and wheat, with freeze dried strawberry. Low in fats, sugars and salts, and high in fibre, it contains no artificial sweeteners or colourings, and with only 143 calories per 45g serving (stand E42).

Other Foods is launching its 100% natural, gluten-free crunchy mushrooms range in new recyclable packaging. Made with 40% less fat than potato chips, these crunchy mushroom snacks are vegan, low in salt, high in fibre and cooked at a low temperature to retain its vitamins and minerals (stand A85).

Fire Grain Freekeh is introducing its freekeh, grown in the original area of the Galilee-Hills where it was first discovered 2,000 years ago. A good source of protein and high in fibre, the freekeh has been grown/harvested to produce the cleanest and purest grain without compromising on the traditional values of the product (stand H40).

MiiRO Plant-Based is launching its new colourful sweet snacks, with a peanut centre robed in a thick layer of vegan chocolate, coated in a crisp shell. All ingredients and colours are 100% natural, gluten and dairy free, offering shoppers a vegan, healthier alternative (stand M41).

New start-up Jack & Bry’s first product is a world’s first – Jackfruit Pepperoni. Gluten, soy and palm oil free, it is marinated, mixed and cured ‘pepperoni’ made using jackfruit pods. It firms up when cooked, gaining that trademark pepperoni crispy edge (stand SU-21).

Storytime Bakery has recently launched its new website and is exhibiting a range of baked goods, which can be made to scale and to suit any business. These include new vegan and gluten free ranges, including products like an Orange and Almond Loaf (GF) and Vegan Berry Flapjack (Chapter Coffee Roasters, stand J41).

LoveTaste Co is showcasing its new Cafiend – a base for coffee smoothies. The pre-portioned sachet contains IQF fig, banana, gluten free oats, and maple syrup. Just add a shot of espresso to the blender, fill to 200ml with almond or hazelnut milk, add the frozen sachet, and blend for 30 seconds for a rich and smooth consistency (stand J39).

FrieslandCampina UK is promoting its no added sugar and no artificial sweetener flavoured milk drink. The sweetness of the natural sugars found in milk is four times higher, by splitting the lactose during manufacturing. In addition, Yazoo NAS offers Chocolate and Strawberry flavours under 100 calories per 200ml serving – meeting Change4life children’s snacking guidelines (stand J35).

Stoats Porridge Bars is promoting a fresh new look for the brand, including a revamp of its packaging, which is now 100% recyclable or compostable. In addition to the new packaging, the Porridge Oat Bars have 20% less sugar across the range of flavours (stand D45).

Huel is presenting its new Huel Chocolate in a ready-to-drink format that delivers a nutritionally-complete and affordable meal, containing all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, along with the balance of protein, carbs, fibre and fat required daily. It’s 100% vegan and packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle, made using 25% recycled plastic. Also available in Vanilla and Berry (stand E45).

Evolution Foods is showcasing its new range of Dipping Tray ‘on-the-go’ snacks, including Rice Cracker with Thai Sweet Chilli Dip; Sundried Tomato Breadstick with Onion Chutney Dip; Banana Chips with Peanut Butter & Coconut Dip; and Mango with Raspberry Coulis Dip. Also showcasing: new snacking range with plastic-free packaging, redeveloped to ensure that the packaging can be widely recycled (stand F20).

The Turmeric Co. has added a Raw Turmeric and Beetroot shot drink to their range of 100% natural, nutritious and functional shots. Using fresh organic turmeric root, each shot is packed with antioxidants, immune boosting properties and cold pressed in a unique bioavailable formula, with no added sugar, no water or apple juice (stand G83).

Popcorn Shed is presenting Mini Pop! – Toffee Mini Popcorn. Vegan and free of nuts, soya, dairy and gluten, this mini popcorn range is low in calories and made from an ancient grain of white corn, with morsels half the size of regular popcorn, so it’s easier to digest (stand D82).

Feed is exhibiting its complete meal bars that are low in sugar. The Feed LIGHT bars are rich in essential nutrients, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals and is designed for all people who want to eat a light, balanced and convenient meal to maintain or achieve their weight (stand E34).

nüber food is showcasing its Green Pepper, Lime & Chilli Veggie Bar. Claimed to be the first range of truly vegetable-based snack bars in the world, it contains 73% dried veg and two of your five a day. This whole food fibre has a clean ingredient list and is certified low FODMAP and vegan (stand N81).

Humble Acre is showcasing GOGO ROOS – the only no added sugar, sweet potato based cocoa cereal on the market for children. They recently launched a 40g recyclable portion pot format for on the go and out of home kids snacking (stand P81).

Yorvale is showcasing Yorlife Kefir Ice Cream in Sour Cherry and Jaffa Orange. This creamy probiotic ice-cream is low in fat, contains all-natural ingredients, and billions of gut friendly cultures (stand L36).

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional’s White Ox is a new premium coffee bean brand that delivers complex yet balanced espresso exclusive to foodservice caterers. Distinctively bold and dark roasted, White Ox’s debut Blend No.1 offers expertly blended Utz certified, 100% Arabica coffee beans with warm and fruity notes of dark chocolate and crisp red berries (stand F60).

FITCH Brew Co recently launched the UK’s first Sparkling Cold Brew Tea – Rosehip, Hibiscus and Elderflower – in a can. Their focus on using natural and real ingredients means the product has added health benefits, such as high vitamin C, high antioxidants and 0% caffeine. The product has no added sugar, low calories, is vegan and has a great ambient shelf life (stand L42).

Flower & White’s new Meringue Bites (and relaunched) Bars are the first in the confectionery sector to feature 100% paper recyclable, plastic free, compostable packaging. The bite-sized Swiss-baked meringues are covered in the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate, as well as an array of gourmet toppings. Handcrafted using natural flavours and colours, they are gluten-free, low-fat and suitable for vegetarians (stand N41).

Chilled Mate is promoting its yerba mate extract-based energy drinks. Available in Natural Flavour and Sicilian lemon & Brazilian lime, with under 33 calories per 330ml can (stand Q89).

Karma by Biogroupe has added a seventh flavour to its range: KARMA Kombucha Mango. Perfectly balanced between the kick of the acetic acid and the sweetness of the mango, this slow brewing kombucha is 100% organic, low in sugars, naturally fizzy and flavoured with fresh juices and infusions. Also showcasing: KARMA Ginger Beer, an 100% organic, alcohol-free drink with a genuine ginger taste (stand B32).

Kricket is showcasing the latest additions to its range of organic insect-based products. The Cocoa Chirp bar is a blend of pistachio nuts, cocoa nibs and chia, and the Protein Boost bar is a mix of pecans, dates and a pinch of sea salt (stand SU-15).

We Love Cake is promoting Brookie – a twist on two mainstream classics, a brownie and a cookie, at the show. Plus, it’s newly-redesigned flagship brand has undergone nine months of sugar-reduction reformulation to be one of the first to market in achieving the Public Health England (PHE) 2020 Sugar targets (stand K25).

Mallow & Marsh is presenting its light and fluffy Salted Caramel marshmallow bars filled with fudge pieces. The marshmallow is handmade in the UK with no artificial colours or flavourings (stand G37).

Lemonaid & ChariTea is showcasing its Ginger Lemonade, made with fresh ginger and lemon juice, balanced out with a little organic cane sugar and mixed with sparkling water. For every bottle sold, 5p goes directly to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. The supported projects promote social, ecological and economical structures in parts of the world where global economic developments are at a disadvantage (stand G38).

Get More Vits is back promoting its reformulated vitamin drinks for kids. With brand new packaging, designed by kids, they’re available in three fruity flavours: Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange & Mango and Raspberry & Blueberry. Made from spring water and natural fruit extracts, they’re sugar free and less than 5 calories per bottle, with 50% NRV of B Vitamins, Vitamin D and an extra dose of calcium (stand L30).

Lizzies Food Factory is showcasing its Plus Bar range. These plant-based, gluten free bars contain no added sugar and come in three varieties: Apricot & Orange, Pecan & Cranberry, and Cacao & Hazelnut (stand Q46).

Re:Nourish is presenting its grab and go plant-based Digest Soup in roasted carrot and ginger. The range comes in a ‘game-changing’ re-heatable, fully recyclable bottle and can be eaten/drunk hot or cold. It contains no additives, no added sugar, and is packed with vitamin A (stand N43).

Urban Rajah is showcasing Indian Frescas, sparkling spiced soft fruit drinks. Inspired by the Indian subcontinent, flavours include: Mint & Ginger with Cinnamon, Lime & Cucumber with Cardamom, and Mango & Papaya with Turmeric (stand SU-13).

Clearly Drinks is showcasing Upstream’s range of lightly sparkling flavoured waters. A refreshing alternative to sugar-laden fizzy drinks, with only three calories, in an easy-to-recycle aluminium can. Flavours include: Grapefruit & Bergamot, Cucumber & Mint, and Pomegranate & Lime (stand Q36).

Purpose Foods is showcasing its vegan Purpose Bars that are gut friendly and made to be gentle on the stomach. Containing the ideal balance of prebiotic fibre, healthy fats, easily digestible proteins, vitamins and minerals, they are available in three flavours: Almond Butter & Oat – Breakkie On The Go; Salted Caramel & Maca – Post Gym; and Fix and Crunchy Choc Brownie – Crave Kicker (stand SU-17).

Raylex is promoting Drink 420 Elderflower & Lime CBD drink, a new and accessible functional beverage infused with 15mg hemp-derived CBD – the highest CBD content on the market (stand Q33).

5th Season Fruit is showcasing a new range of healthy snacks using freeze-dried fruit. The three flavours – Strawberry, Pineapple and Fruit Salad – are all under 50 calories a pack, vegan, gluten-free, and considered as one of your five-a-day (stand SU-14).

Banhoek Chilli Oil Company is presenting handcrafted premium oil from the Stellenbosch region of South Africa made from two ingredients: birdseye chillies and rapeseed oil. Deliberately not too fiery, it has multiple culinary uses from pizza/pasta to dressings, as a drizzle on fish, seafood, meats or vegetables (stand SU-5).

International Delicacies is exhibiting ready to eat K&L – Quinoa, Farro, Cauliflower Quick Meals – where no water, heating or chilling is required. Gluten free, nut free, soy free, and vegan, and there is even a folding spoon included for healthier eating on the go. The Cauliflower Quick Meals, for example, boast a one-year shelf life from production and comes in three flavours – Indian Veg Curry, Morrocon Veg Harrisa, and Peruvian Vegetable Ceviche (stand C42).

Borna Foods is promoting its unsweetened pistachio drink, made with roasted pistachios at a certain temperature to preserve the pistachio’s green colour and keep the taste unique. The drink is enhanced with calcium and vitamin B12, derived from natural sources and contains no gums, artificial flavours or additives (stand G10).

Wholey Moly Foods is showcasing 100% natural, vegan cookies, made with no refined sugar. Available in Cacao & Orange; Cacao & Hazelnut; and Almond, Hemp & Chia (stand SU-26).

Poseative is presenting its first Crické food product – Crickelle cricket crackers, enriched with 15% cricket flour (stand SU-12).

The Moreish Date Company is showcasing its ‘on the go’ classic and stuffed date snacks, available in D8 Classic, D8 Barberry & Hemp Seeds and D8 Pecan & Crushed Apple (stand SU-3).

Wholesums is promoting its fresh veg popped chips, made from whole carrots, whole peas and whole potatoes. Each pack is only 86 kcals or less, as well as being vegan friendly, gluten free and CQUINs compliant. Available in 22g single packs, as well as 80g sharing bags, the four flavours include: Salt of the Earth, Softly Sweet Chilli, Whole lot a Smokey BBQ, and Splash of Salt & Vinegar (stand L31).

Qwrkee Foods is presenting Qwerkee Jerky – made from soy protein. Also showcasing: Qwrkee Pea M’lk made from the purest pea protein (95% Pure); and Qwrkee Probiotic Puffs – a probiotic snack made with a blend of gluten free plant-based flours, real vegetable seasonings, and boasting over a billion live bio cultures in every serving (stand A84).

Ikoyi Chapmans is exhibiting its Ikoyi Chapmans Original, a sparkling soft drink made with citrus fruits and natural bitters. Only 21kcal per 100ml, it’s vegan friendly and gluten free, and mixes well with gin, rum, vodka and prosecco (stand N83).

Lazy Vegan’s latest addition is Ready Meal Tikka Masala – an Indian-style frozen ready meal loaded with fresh vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, red pepper, carrot and rice and high protein Chunky Pulled Peaz. It also comes with chili, garlic and coriander and is ready in 8 minutes (stand P85).

DBoost Drinks is promoting its light, skimmed milk drink, infused with natural fruit flavours and 100% daily requirement of vitamin D. This ambient health drink comes in two refreshing flavours, Berry or Summer Fruits, and is a convenient size for breakfast, lunch, or on-the-go (stand SU-1).

Equipment, Packaging & Technology

The B285 App is the latest blender to be launched by Magrini at lunch!. The app allows the programming of custom blends from a smartphone, which can be shared across multiple sites. The unique blades create faster, smoother blends every time and a smaller footprint means it is perfect for busy commercial outlets (stand F50).

Craftis | Children’s Activities is launching its new activity pop up packs, available in two fun designs – woodland and farm. With an easy carry-handle, they open into a 3D scene with animals, a DL sized puzzle and activity sheet, and includes crayons for colouring in. The case size is 200 with 100 of each design (stand Q71).

Sabert Europe is launching BePulp Compostable Meal Box to Go, made from pulp coming from fibres of plant origin (stand E33).

Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) is showcasing Precious Planet foodtrays, that combine lightweight board with film laminate, providing strength and quality print surfaces for eye-catching visuals and key information. The trays also provide air and waterproof barriers for freshness and protection against contamination and use 85% less plastic in comparable categories (stand J51).

RawPac is showcasing Vegware’s compostable hinged takeaway boxes in white, made from bagasse (reclaimed sugarcane fibre). A sturdy, economic and eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene, it’s available in a range of sizes and ideal for hot, wet, oily and cold foods. Being a natural material, they won’t trap condensation so foods like fish and chips stay crispy (stand A20).

Wi5 is a mobile Order & Pay solution for restaurants, bars and coffee shops that allows customers to place and pay for orders directly from the splash page of a venue’s guest Wi-Fi, or a bespoke URL without any need to download an app (stand J76).

Vita Mojo Operating Systems is promoting its AI-powered restaurant digital ordering system that is optimised for speed, performance and increasing the average transaction value of the customer. Stylishly branded to the restaurant, its recommendation engine is designed to maximise the value of a restaurant customer (stand J85).

BioPak UK has recently launched a range of wooden cutlery and plant-based sugarcane takeaway containers, bowls, plates and produce trays. Also showcasing: the carnauba-wax wooden cutlery range, that gives customers on the go a much better eating experience with its food safe, non-toxic compostable plant-based coating (stand G48).

Enviroware is promoting its new range of paper cutlery, a genuine eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic cutlery. Made from paper produced from sustainable forestry, it has full FSC chain of custody accreditation and has been vigorously tested, meeting the EU regulations for paper products in direct contact with food (stand B46).

Schur Star Systems Gmbh is promoting its closable Schur Star stand-up bag (used by Naylors’ ready-to-enjoy coleslaw). The product has full potential at POS, a window allows a glimpse of the product. Offering high convenience, the bag is manufactured with a laser score for easy opening and closing (stand D71).

PowerEPOS is showcasing its Insights Dashboard app, that provides clients with ‘live’ data direct to their mobile or PC with easy on the eye screens and colours to signify key performance indicators. They can compare reports by site, date range or, as standard, week on week. Reports cover sales performance, staff productivity, security issues, site performance and product analysis (stand A31).

CMC DayMark is presenting FlexsilLid. A flexible silicone lid, made to fit the standard range of gastronome trays that can be stored in a freezer/placed in cookers, allowing leak proof storage and ease of use in any kitchen. Also showcasing: MATT85 Kitchen Automation – a cloud-based, app-driven food prep and Grab & Go labeling platform (stand Q21).

For more packaging options head to: Thirsty Box, Europac, Celebration, Silver Crane, Labelling Solutions, Sabert Europe, Coveris, It’s a Wrap, Sharpak Aylesham, Pockito, Ecoffee Cup, Huskup, and ButterflyCup.

For more kitchen kit, catering tech, payment solutions and front of house etc, there’s: Scraegg UK Distribution, Cup & Cino, My Coffee Station, Welbilt UK, Pastorfrigor, Roller Grill, Freal, Fwip, The Alan Nuttall Partnership (Flexeserve Zone), Templeman Retailing And Vending, Capital Cooling Refrigeration, Tudor Tea and Coffee, Counterline, Yoyo Wallet, The Good Till Co, Platopus Retail t/a Data Therapy and Datasym UK.

Free trade registration

lunch! will return to London ExCeL on 19-20 September. For further information and to register free in advance, please visit and quote priority code LU22 (direct link:

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