lunch! 2019: Record Year For New Food-To-Go Product Launches.

lunch! ramps up innovation levels again, with a record 110 new products ‘going for gold’ in its Innovation Challenge Awards. Many of these innovations will be enjoying their official trade launch at the show, which returns to ExCeL London next week, on 19-20 September.

Products competing for a much-coveted gold Innovation Challenge Award will be showcased in the Innovation Challenge Gallery, which offers visiting buyers – working across food-to-go, retail, hospitality, catering and wholesale – an industry-leading preview of what’s new and launching on the market.

lunch! visitors get to choose the award finalists by voting for their favourites on opening day (between 10am and 4pm), with their top picks going forward to the exciting Innovation Challenge Live pitches session the following day. Successful exhibitors (there’s usually around 15 finalists) will then take turns to wow the judges. They have just 90-seconds to impress them.

The Innovation Challenge judges – who’ll be putting this year’s finalists to the test – include Paul Ettinger, co-founder and business development director at Caffè Nero; Martyn Clover, head of food at Tortilla; Shereen Ritchie, operations director at LEON; Shane Kavanagh, MD of Crussh; James Kidman, head of food at Crussh; Simon Woplin, head of innovation at Ambassador Theatre Group; Martin Hambleton, head of procurement at En Route International; Louise Direito, head of innovation at Krispy Kreme UK; Kristian Katin, owner of Feed Wagons (former ops director at Small Batch Coffee Roasters); Frank Boltman, director of TRADE; and chef/consultant Jay Morjaria, a winner of BBC’s Million Pound Menu.

Innovation Challenge entries include:

Abakus Foods: Seaweed Crisps – Lightly Salted
Beast: Beast
Bells & Whistles: BELLS & WHiSTLES Berry and Cashew Cake Slices
Berrington Spring Water: Aluminium Refill Bottle
Biogroupe: KARMA Ginger Beer
BioPak UK: BioPak Carnauba-Wax Coated Cutlery
Bio-tiful Dairy: Biotiful Kefir Protein Mango & Passionfruit Compote 160g
Boka Food: Boka Strawberry Granola
Borna Foods: Unsweetened Pistachio Drink
Bravura Foods: Laidback Lemonade
Bravura Foods: Relaxing Raspberry
Bravura Foods: Mindful Mango & Passionfruit
Cheesies: Cheesies Cheddar 20g
Counterline: ECHF Duel Heated & Chilled Merchandiser 900mm Wide Version
Crické: Cricket Cracker – Ginger & Chilli
CUP&CINO Kaffeesystem Vertrieb: Barista ONE Twin
The Curators: The Curators Salt & Vinegar Pork Puffs
DELI LITES: Plant Based Coconut Mocchaccino Breakfast on the Go
DELI LITES: Guilt Free, Plant Based Donner Kebab
The Dreamery: Zefir
DRGN Turmeric Superdrink: DRGN Turmeric Superdrink – Citrus
Drink 420: Drink 420 Elderflower Lime CBD drink
Drinks Cubed: Water Cubed Natural Mineral Water 500ml & 1L
Enviroware®: Paper Cutlery from Enviroware
Evolution Foods: Natural Selection Mango Dippers with Raspberry Coulis Dip
Fire Grain Freekeh: Fire Grain Organic Freekeh
FITCH Brew Co: FITCH Sparkling Cold Brew Tea – Rosehip, Hibiscus and Elderflower
Flower & White: Flower & White Salted Caramel Meringue Bites
FrieslandCampina UK: Yazoo No Added Sugar 200ml Carton
Fruit Bowl: Fruit Bowl Perfectly Pressed Blueberry & Acai Berry Bar 30g
fwip: fwip Portobello Machine
Good Root Bakery: Empotato
Gut Instinct: Oatstix
Holy Moly Dips: Holy Moly Dips – Snack Pack
Huel: Chocolate Huel Ready-to-drink
Hullabaloo: Nutty Munch
Humble Acre: GOGO ROOS
ima vegan sushi: Ima Vegan Salmon
International Delicacies: Kitchen & Love Cauliflower Meals – Indian Vegetable Curry
J&G Pecans: Pecan Crunch
Jack & Bry: Jackfruit Pepperoni
The Jackfruit Company: The Jackfruit Company – Pouched Jackfruit
Joe & Seph’s: Vegan Coconut & Cacao Popcorn
Johnsons Juice Co: Johnson’s Cloudy Still Limeade
Kepak: Goode and Tucker
Lazy Vegan: Lazy Vegan Ready Meal Tikka Masala
Lizzie’s Food Factory: Lizzie’s Vegan Rocky Road Bar
Lizzie’s Food Factory: Lizzie’s Plus Bar Orange & Apricot
Lizzie’s Food Factory: Lizzie’s Plus Bar Pecan & Cranberry
Lord Sandwich/FullWrap: Full Wrap
Love Taste Co: CaFiend
Love Taste Co: Matcha the Day
Love Taste Co: Livin La Vida Cocoa
Magrini: Magrini B285 Blender with App Control
Matok V’Kal: Liteez
Mighty Sesame: Mighty Sesame Tahini
MiiRO Plant-Based: Crisp-Coated Signature Chocolate with a Peanut Heart
Mindful Bites: Mindful Bites – Veganettone
Mr Lee’s Noodles: Mr Lee’s Coconut Chicken Laksa
Munchy Seeds: Warm Cinnamon
Nairn’s: Nairn’s Gluten Free Pop Oats BBQ
Nairn’s: Nairn’s Gluten Free Pop Oats Salt & Vinegar
Nairn’s: Nairn’s Gluten Free Pop Oats Sour Cream & Chive
Native Snacks: Native Snacks Popped Lotus Seeds – Jalapeno & Kaffir Lime
Nix & Kix: Nix & Kix Watermelon and Hibiscus
Nooj: Nooj
Norseland: Applewood® Vegan
nüber food: Green Pepper, Lime & Chilli Veggie Bar
Nush: Nush Almond Milk Cheese Spread Chive
OGGS: OGGS Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
Other Foods: Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms
Paterson Arran: Paterson’s Fruity & Filling Oat Bars
PERKIER FOODS: Perkier Cacao & Salted Caramel Quinoa Bars
The PIEwich®: The PIEwich®
Popcorn Shed: Mini Pop! – Toffee Mini Popcorn
Pri’s Puddings: Pocket-sized Pies – Pecan Pie
Qwrkee Foods: Qwrkee Vegan Jerky Maple Bacon Flavour
Qwrkee Foods: Qwrkee Plant Based Probiotic Puffs – Vegan Cheese
Rapid Action Packaging (RAP): Precious Planet
Rapid Action Packaging (RAP): M&S Asian and Global Food Range
RATION – The Better Bite: RATION Apple, Mango and Passion Fruit 40g Snack Bar
Re:Nourish: Re:Nourish Digest Soup
Rebel Kitchen: Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk
RJF Farhi: Farhi Snack On the Go Range
Rubies in the Rubble: Rubies in the Rubble Tomato Ketchup
Rubies in the Rubble: Rubies in the Rubble Plant Based Mayo
Sabert Europe: BePulp Compostable Meal Box to Go
Satisfied Snacks: Roughs – Tomato and Feta
The Savourists: The Savourists – Black Olive and Nori Seaweed
The Savourists: The Savourists – Sundried Tomato and Herb
SCI-MX Nutrition: PRO 2GO Gooey Bar – Salted Caramel
Scraegg UK Distribution: Scraegg Pro
Seedful – The Heart of Nature: Seedful To Go
Stoats Porridge Bars: Apple & Cinnamon Mini Porridge Oat Bar
Sweetland: Light Vegan Baklava
TENZING Natural Energy: TENZING Raspberry & Yuzu
The Turmeric Co: The Turmeric Co. Raw Turmeric and Beetroot
Unrooted Fresh Energy: Unrooted Fresh Energy – Baobab & Ginger
Upbeat Brands: Upbeat Sparkling Protein Water with Natural Energy
Veg of Lund: MyFoodie Raspberry Organic Drink
Vita Mojo Operating Systems: Dynamic Menus
Wales – Fine Food Cluster: Daioni Organic Mocha
Wales – Fine Food Cluster: Saveg Goan Curry Pie
Wi5: Wi5
Willy’s: Willy’s Kombucha + Apple Cider Vinegar Sparkling Apple Drink 250ml
Willy’s: Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar + Beetroot Shot
Yorvale: Yorlife Kefir Ice Cream – Jaffa Orange
Your Daily Protein: Your Daily Protein Vanilla Drink
Yummycomb: YummyComb rus-STIX – Sea Salted caramel

The Innovation Challenge Live (The Pitches) starts at 11.15am on Friday 20 September in Keynote Theatre 1. The results will be announced at 4.15pm that day.

For further information about the products up for Innovation Challenge Awards, the 2019 online Show Guide is now available to view online at

Free trade registration
lunch! returns to ExCeL London on 19-20 September. To register free in advance, please visit and quote priority code LU22 (

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