Red Meat Helps Celebrations Go Off With A Bang.

Spooky celebrations and explosive parties will help rocket red meat sales this year – with Halloween and Bonfire Night expected to collectively add £2 billion to the food and drink sector.

According to a new report from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) these two celebrations alone are set to ignite a spike in pork and beef sales – with revellers filling up on bangers and chilli.

Halloween and Bonfire Night have the third and fourth highest seasonal uplifts in grocery – with spend levels increasing by £1.2 billion and £1.1 billion respectively compared to an average two weeks of the year, beaten only by Christmas and Easter.

Both events also promise a boost for the potato and dairy sectors, with chips, wedges and jacket potatoes appearing prominently on the menu, alongside warming hot drinks.

These latest findings feature in a new report – Importance of Seasonal Celebrations and Events – which explores how these lucrative times of the year can provide opportunities for processors, retailers and foodservice channels. The report covers not only Halloween and Bonfire Night but also Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

AHDB Retail Insight Manager Kim Malley said:

“There are a number of events throughout the year which result in strong uplifts in food and drink sales, high levels of advertising spend and an influx of new product launches.

“We have seen that consumers love any excuse for a party! There are countless opportunities to be had from seasonal celebrations but it’s important to first understand what is in demand.”

In just one week, celebrations will begin for Halloween, followed soon after by Bonfire Night – both bringing a boost for primary and processed red meat. Favourites include roasting joints, mince and stewing products – with hearty, sharing meals featuring heavily at both occasions.

Sausages and ambient frankfurters are a popular choice on Bonfire Night and pork ribs are a favourite at Halloween. Pizza also spikes at this time of year due to its sharing nature.

Despite traditionally being seen as events for kids, the number of adult parties at this time of year is rising. According to Kantar, 73 per cent of Halloween grocery sales in 2018 came from households with no children, with the greatest spend uplift coming from under-28s.

However, a void in the market for high quality, sophisticated products means further opportunities exist to tap into this growing trend.

The report also looks at other seasonal events including Christmas which is the pinnacle celebration in many people’s calendars – driving the highest seasonal uplift of £2 billion. This is followed by Easter at £1.3 billion.

Valentines’ Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day bring a further boost to red meat and dairy sales, providing good opportunities for sausages and bacon, as well as some dairy products, such as yoghurt, for breakfast in bed.

Kim added:

“The importance of events is evident. Therefore, processors, retailers and foodservice channels should capitalise on these sales peaks whether that be through meal inspiration, in-store promotions and displays, new innovation or ensuring enough of the right products feature at the right time.

“It is crucial that industry looks ahead to future events as Brits love to party. Even ad-hoc events provide a boost in sales, particularly sporting events and royal weddings.”

The full report is available to download here

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