Waitrose & Partners Launches New Frozen Fish Range.

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Waitrose & Partners is expanding its frozen offering by launching a new frozen fish range. Fish lovers everywhere will now be able to buy the new frozen range made up of four offerings. This exclusive new collection offers high quality, fully traceable, sustainably sourced fish – ready to be cooked. The four fish options launched in stores on the 5th November in over 200 branches.

Highlights From The Range Include:
Waitrose British Cod MSC 2 Fillets – Caught in the cold waters of the North Sea by British vessels, this great tasting Cod is lovingly prepared and ready to be cooked by customers in a number of ways from the classic Cod and chips to a pan-fried Cod fillet.

Waitrose Hake MSC 2 Fillets – A member of the Cod family, Hake has a similar flavour to Cod although the soft, white flesh firms up on cooking giving a meaty texture. Our British Hake is caught in the cold waters of the North Sea giving it a unique richer flavour. For the perfect easy dinner try roasting Hake fillets with mediterranean vegetables.

Waitrose 1 British Monkfish Chunks – Also known as Anglerfish, Monkfish is a popular choice for both customers and fisherman. This fish has a huge head, which accounts for half its body mass, with the tail yielding fantastic meat with a firm texture. For convenience, the Monkfish has been pre cut into chunks, perfect for adding to a Cook’s Ingredients Yellow Thai Curry Meal Kit Kit in order to make the perfect fish curry.

Waitrose 1 Halibut Fillets – Farmed in the picturesque, cold, clear waters of the Norwegian fjords, these fish are a must have. The complex system for growing and catching Halibut takes up to six years and produces a lean meat with a mild almost sweet taste and a silky mouthfeel. This is the perfect fish for lunch, supper or for those special occasions, simply pan fried or grilled.

Michael Simpson-Jones, Grocery and Frozen buyer at Waitrose & Partners said, “We are thrilled to be offering Frozen British fish, caught by British vessels, many of which are crewed by fisherman bought up by generations of fishermen and holding this tradition is an important part of their way of life. Many of these vessels have also committed to the Responsible Fishing Scheme which sees the best possible fishing standards demonstrated within the industry which is something we care about greatly”.

The new range is carving out a new offering for customers for those that want great quality and tasting food without spending ages cooking it. These new frozen alternatives are perfect for reliable, easy cooking to create delicious meals.

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