Revealed: Naan bread beats garlic bread as the most popular recipe among British lockdown bakers

25 February, 21

Naan bread has been named more popular among amateur British bakers than recipes for garlic bread – despite the nation’s affinity for the Italian classic, new data reveals.

New analysis of leading bread recipes in the UK, conducted by SEO Agency Blueclaw, aims to name the best breads for lockdown bakers to try their hand at ahead of International Real Bread Week, which runs from February 20-28 this year.

As well as choosing the Asian flatbread above garlic bread, Brits also preferred naan bread over recipes for focaccia, classic white loaves, sourdough, pitta bread and brioche buns.

It was specifically cheesy garlic bread that took the top spot – which makes sense, given that the analysis also found that cheddar was the most popular flavour pairing overall, proving the highest-rated across those recipes that incorporated cheese into the ingredients.

Other popular ingredients for adventurous bakers included rosemary, pesto, honey, tomato and onion – with garlic surprisingly proving the lowest-rated flavour across all bread recipes.

Despite naan bread proving far more popular with bakers than garlic bread, it was the easy white bread recipe that took the top spot when it comes to the number of reviews and rating.

The least popular bread recipes found in the study included porridge bread, seeded flatbreads and simit bread, while cloud bread proved more popular than tiger bread, and vegan banana bread proved more popular and higher-rated than non-vegan variants.

In fact, the data found that novice bakers may want to consider prioritising vegan recipes over other variants as they prove more popular, more highly rated and easier to make.

This year’s Real Bread Week encourages Brits to support local, independent bakeries and to bake their own bread, with the aim being to focus on consuming fewer additives in 2021.

In fact, this year the annual celebration could prove more prominent given that more Brits are turning their hands to baking during lockdown than ever before.

Google Trends data supports this, as the UK has seen a staggering 95% increase in searches for ‘bread recipes’ since the first Covid-19 lockdown began in March 2020.

It also shows that Bristol is the UK’s leading bread-making city, followed by Edinburgh, Sheffield, Cardiff, Leeds. Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Liverpool.

In fact, searches for general bread recipes are starting to rise again in the run up to Real Bread Week, proving that Brits aren’t done with testing their baking skills during lockdown.

To see how you could leverage customer-led data and topical events to conduct an analysis on consumer habits or product popularity, get in touch with the marketing team at Blueclaw.

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