It’s time to ZAG this summer

20 July, 21

British summertime is finally upon us and this year there is a new drink in town that is upping the ante when it comes to alcohol free indulgence. ZAG is an alchemic blend of summer freshness, sporting a gentle fizz and a smack of unrivalled refreshment.

ZAG has been crafted for long summer days and socialising with friends – it can be a pacer drink or alcohol alternative so you can guarantee a fresh start the next day, waking up with a clear head.

Delivering that instant hit of freshness from its magical blend of ingredients, ZAG is a curious flavour hit with 100% goodness. You’ll feel refreshed and revitalised and ready for anything!

The blend of the ingredients comes together to give a curious and unique taste experience. Hydrating cucumber is high in nutrients and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, while a balance of lemons and limes provides a zesty kick and boost of vitamin C. Finally the mint that zings with summer headiness.

Blending these big bold flavours and providing a more mellow undertone is green tea which may boost fat burning and brain function, it’s high in protective antioxidants too – so while you are out enjoying yourself, you are looking after your body at the same time. WINNER!

But the magic doesn’t end there. The clever people at ZAG have also added kombucha – the fermented ingredient believed to boost immunity and aid weight loss, digestion and rid the body of toxins – to bring a lightness and wonderfully gentle fizz to the drink that accentuates and heightens the herbaceous and fruity notes of the other ingredients.

So, whether you are off the sauce completely, fancy a change and want a tasty alternative to beer or simply want a cold, refreshing can of something awesome on a hot day, it’s time to invest in the unknown and dive into something refreshingly different.

Zag is available in: 5, 12 and 24 pack cans or 12 pack bottles. Order your first pack today at

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