The New Essential For Home Cooks, Spreadable Butter Strikes Gold In The Kitchen.

Whether roasting potatoes, frying eggs or making sauces, A Blend of Butter with Hillfarm Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is set to be a game changer for curious cooks and butter lovers alike. Combining butter with cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil for the very first time, this pioneering spreadable butter from The ButterworksTM is both convenient and versatile, bringing a gloriously golden tubful of culinary possibilities to fridges across the UK.

With a mild nutty flavour, vibrant colour and silky-smooth texture, A Blend of Butter with Hillfarm Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil adds a delightful taste of the British summertime to both sweet and savoury dishes. Working with only four ingredients, including The Butterworks’ Sweet Cream Butter, Hillfarm’s totally unrefined Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, salt and water, The Butter Boffins use cold mix technology to retain all the natural characteristics and nutritional benefits of Hillfarm’s finest.

Ready to spread, grease and stir-in straight from the fridge, this spreadable butter also has a higher burn point than normal butters thanks to the addition of cold pressed rapeseed oil, making it perfect for flawless frying and remarkable roast potatoes. The rich, creamy butter brings bags of flavour, while also preventing sticking, meaning that A Blend of Butter with Hillfarm Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is a one-tub solution for speedy suppers, comforting bakes, velvety sauces and zingy salad dressings.

Boasting cholesterol blocking plant sterols and the correct balance of brain enhancing Omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as promoting healthy eyes and skin from natural Vitamin E and K, this spreadable butter brings a wide variety of health benefits to the table. Nourishing, vibrant and versatile, this brand new butter is a tasty and convenient option for those looking to feed themselves and their families a balanced diet.

A Blend of Butter with Hillfarm Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is available from Waitrose stores around the UK, RRP £2.00 (250g). The Butterworks’ Cornish Butter, which is hand-salted with Cornish sea salt crystals, is also available from Waitrose, RRP £2.00 (250g), and The Butterworks’ Softer Butter block is available from Morrisons, RRP £2.00 (250g).

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